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What Colors to Avoid Wearing as a Wedding Bride?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress, the colour of your dress has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and theme of your ceremony. While white has traditionally been the preferred colour for brides across many cultures, modern weddings feature a variety of colours adorning the walking path. However, certain colours are generally advised to be avoided, not only because of tradition, but also because of what they may represent or how they may affect the look and feel of the wedding. Nithra Matrimony explores a detailed look at the colours that brides might want to avoid on their big day.


There is more to finding a good wedding dress than simply getting the right size, the color of your gown also holds profound significance. Although some brides go beyond traditional shades by choosing pastel pinks as well as deep reds, there are other colors which could be avoided. These choices can be influenced by cultural traditions, symbolism, and visual harmony with the wedding theme. This guide looks at colors that least favored for bridal wear and the reasons behind these conventional and modern preferences.

6 Things brides Should Never Wear on a Wedding

Black: The Color of Mourning

The majority of cultures associate mourning and loss with black, a color that is unsuitable when it comes to bridal gowns. However, in most cases, it is avoided so as not to imply anything negative or make the wedding less joyful. It is true that these days black can be seen as fashionable and sophisticated in the context of clothes, but one would not want to have any connotations of melancholy during the ceremony. As a result, many brides prefer to wear white dresses instead of choosing those which are black even though some brides may wear black gowns because they find them chic and stylish for their big day; others still might choose black dresses in order to create gothic impressions around this special day.

Bright, Bold Colors: Overpowering the Theme

While colorful weddings can be stunning, wearing a bright or bold color as the bride can sometimes overwhelm the wedding's visual theme. Colors like neon green, hot pink, or electric blue can distract from the wedding's cohesive aesthetic. They might also clash with decorations or bridesmaid dresses, making it challenging to create a harmonious look.

Dark Brown or Gray

Darker shades of brown and gray might evoke a sense of dullness or somberness, potentially casting a muted tone over what is typically a joyous occasion. These colors might also be seen as too casual or unsophisticated for the formality of a wedding, depending on the setting and theme.

Certain Shades of Yellow and Green: Difficult to Complement

Some shades of yellow and green, especially those that are very bright or neon, can be unflattering against the skin and difficult to match with other wedding colors. These hues might not photograph well and can create a jarring visual effect in the wedding palette, especially if they do not complement the natural surroundings or the indoor decor.

Challenging Themes for True Orange

True orange is a hue that can be quite challenging to incorporate into a wedding theme without it overwhelming or conflicting with other elements. However, unless the wedding has an autumnal theme where such a shade can be harmoniously incorporated, true orange might seem too loud and overpowering for a bride's gown.

Overly Shiny or Metallic Fabrics

While not a color itself, dresses made from excessively shiny or metallic materials (such as bright gold or silver) can sometimes appear too glaring, especially in strong lighting or photographs. Such fabrics may detract from the bride's natural beauty and take away from the subtlety of the wedding's aesthetic.


The choice of a wedding dress color is deeply personal and can reflect the bride's personality, cultural background, and the overall theme of the ceremony. While the traditional choice of white symbolizes purity and new beginnings, modern brides often experiment with different hues to express their individuality. However, considering the symbolism, the potential for clashing with the wedding theme, and the desire for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing ceremony, certain colors like black, bright neons, dark brown, gray, certain shades of yellow and green, true orange, and overly shiny or metallic fabrics might be avoided. Ultimately, the most important factor is that the bride feels beautiful and confident in her choice, creating a memorable and joyous celebration of love.

what colors to avoid wearing as a wedding bride

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