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Wedding Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid


👰 In this Nithra Matrimony blog, we are going to see How to avoid mistakes in Bridal Makeup. The ideal lehenga, exquisite jewelry, and shoes to shine with every step down the aisle. You may have your wedding checklist down pat, but one wrong makeup move can ruin your entire look and your wedding photos. The basic makeup mistakes to avoid, such as mismatched foundation or too much powder and some common mistakes to avoid are given below.

Choosing the Wrong Foundation

👰 Foundation is an integral part of your basic makeup and using it wrong can ruin your entire look. You should choose the foundation that best suits your skin, both skin tone and skin type. Your foundation should be the same color or shade lighter than your skin tone. When using foundation, you should consider pink, yellow, or neutral, as well as your skin type. Likewise, before buying your foundation, consider whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination. Your foundation should not leave your dry skin feeling dry or leave an oily residue on your already oily face. Also, consider the weather and season when choosing a foundation. It is best to choose an oil-free foundation for a summer wedding. However, a cream-based liquid foundation works best in winter weddings.

Wrong Eyeliner

👰 If you have very sensitive eyes, even the most budget-proof eyeliner or kajal may bleed on you. Also, the kajal can make you tear up or make your eyes red. Avoid ruining your happy bridal face with watery red eyes by testing kajal/eyeliner beforehand. You can take your trusted kajal to the makeup studio and request the beautician to use that. Avoid overdone wedding makeup which doesn’t suit your face.

Ignoring Skin Care

👰 Makeup can hide skin imperfections, but the smoother the canvas, the better. If your skin has too many bumps or textures, even the best-quality makeup can look uneven or sticky after a few hours. We recommend consulting a skilled esthetician 2-3 months prior to the wedding to find a professional bridal makeup artist with a customized skin care regimen and treatments or quality makeup products. It's recommended to avoid using unfamiliar chemicals and opt for natural wedding makeup that suits your skin prior to the wedding to prevent last-minute treatments and stick to trusted products.

Experimenting with New Styles

👰 Your wedding day is not the ideal moment to experiment. On your wedding day, stick to your natural look and avoid experimenting with new makeup trends or styles. If bold hues and bold lipsticks aren't your things, avoid experimenting with them on your wedding day as well. Have a thorough discussion with your makeup artist beforehand and avoid chemical or extensive beauty treatments the day before to prevent any redness, itching, or breakouts that could spoil your wedding look.

Wrong Lipstick

👰 Natural-looking and simple bridal makeup is trending these days and many brides opt for nude lipstick with smokey eyes for their wedding look. Be careful when choosing nude lipstick because if it's too light, it will wash you out. Also, the camera blurs the makeup, so you should take some test shots to make sure the lipstick doesn't look too pale in the photos. A safer approach is to use a nude lip color that is deeper than your natural lip color.


👰 In this blog, we hope you got some of the bridal makeup mistakes that you will make. Don’t do these mistakes in your wedding. Let your artist know about them beforehand to get the bridal makeup perfect. A small mistake in makeup can ruin your whole wedding. Be wise and choose your wedding makeup. For more kinds of this blog, stay tuned with Nithra Matrimony. It is Tamil Nadu’s one of the trusted matrimonial sites where you can find your right partner.


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