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Vows of Marriage


For any religion or culture, marriage is a significant rite of passage in a person's life. It signifies one's formal transition into adulthood and recognizes that person as being capable of caring for the welfare of another person. In exchange for a lifetime of love and joy, the bride and groom make promises called vows to one another. These consoling words shield an unspoken bond between them. It's safe to say the vows encapsulate the fundamental values that the bride and groom must uphold throughout their union.

Vows of Hindu Marriage

Numerous procedures are strictly followed throughout a Hindu wedding ceremony to ensure that the marriage will be completed successfully. In a Hindu wedding ceremony, the couple takes 7 Hindu vows for marriage.

First Vow

Prayers for the groom to provide for the wife's well-being and the happiness of her family, and to be in charge of running the house, preparing the meals, and managing financial things in the family.

Second Vow

Prayer for the blessing of good mental, physical, and spiritual health as well as for loyalty and protection of home and family.

Third Vow

Prayer for wealth and prosperity. And also strive to educate their kids, and may they live long lives.

Fourth Vow

Prayer for a strong and happy family. They would bring up healthy, brave, and honest children in a way that respect everyone.

Fifth Vow

Prayer for love, for the couple, to value and respect one another, and promises to stand for each other in all the highs and lows.

Sixth Vow

Praying for well-being and peace in their life.

Seventh Vow

The prayer for the couple would be more dependable and honest throughout their lives. Then they continue to be the finest friends and companions for the rest of their lives.

Vows of Muslim Marriage

Even though marriage vows are not included in the traditional Muslim wedding ceremony, known as the nikah ceremony, many contemporary Muslim couples decide to do so with the aid of their officiant. Here are the Muslim marriage vows.

Traditional Vows

The promise of honesty and sincerity, to be a faithful and helpful husband and wife.

Allah's Bounty

The promise to make the marriage a happy one, filled with Allah's grace, abundance, and all-knowing love, for all of our lives.

One Soul

The pledge of loyalty and love, as long as they live, and to be a faithful and constant friend.

A Gift

A promise from this day forward to be fair and honest, to be a compassionate partner, to be a nurturing parent to children, and to provide them with a peaceful and comfortable home.

Comfort and Care

Pledge before Allah, friends, and family to care for and support each other through all the ups and downs of life.

Vows of Christian Marriage

Christian marriage vows are founded on the beliefs and scriptures of the Christian religion. The wedding vows will capture the personalities and spouses as well as the values that will cement marriage.

💐 A promise to share faith, honesty, and love, with each other with Christ's blessing.

💐 A pledge to be a strong spiritual leader lives, strengthening and directing one another with god's help.

💐 A promise to stand till death do part, for better or worse, in health or infirmity, in joys or sorrows.

💐 To give each other everything they have, including my affection.

💐 In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, they make these promises to each.

💐 Finally, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they hope to fulfill God's place in their home and cement their love commitment with the ring.


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