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Types Of Wedding Photography


Types Of Wedding Photography


Marriage is the precious thing in everyone's life and it happens only once in a lifetime. Hence, wedding photography is the best way to capture the treasurable moments of a couple's life. People can get numerous wedding photography ideas from many sites or photographers. There are a lot of wedding photography styles out there, take some time and choose a pose that is comfortable for you.

"Freeze your special day and frame it."

What Is Wedding Photography?

Marriage is the most important event in one's life. This is the beginning of the love life of two hearts. Wedding photography will capture all those beautiful moments. Photographers help families create memories that they will cherish forever with their photography skills.

Types Of Wedding Photography

Nowadays, brides and grooms are exploring and enjoying different types of photoshoots. With so many options, it's not easy to choose the right photo shoot pose or style for the couple. Both the bride and groom should discuss what style would suit them. Couples always wish for a Tamil wedding outdoor photoshoot. Having no idea about photography? Then this blog will help you by describing the types of photography.

📷 Pre-wedding photography
📷 Post-wedding photography
📷 Traditional wedding photography
📷 Candid photography
📷 Fine art photography
📷 Vintage Photography
📷 Dramatic photography

Pre-wedding photography

Pre-wedding photography is a photo shoot taken before the wedding. Also, this photoshoot will be taken after the engagement. The bride and groom can take good pictures privately with fewer ornaments, attires, makeup, etc. When it comes to an arranged marriage, this helps the couple get to know each other better. When you have no idea about pre-wedding photoshoot, discuss them with your partner before itself. These pictures can be used in invitations too.

Post-wedding photography

After the wedding, post wedding photoshoot will be taken whenever the bride and groom choose. It helps the couple to cherish the memories of their post-marriage life till the end. The couple cannot pose as their wish at the wedding due to an environmental hasten. In this type, couples can strike all kinds of post-wedding photoshoot poses without any hurry burry.

Traditional wedding photography

Traditional wedding photography will be done on the wedding day. This photo captures all of the ritualistic ceremonies. It includes simple and formal poses of the bride and groom. The photographer will instruct them to sit and stand in a particular place, against a certain background, or pose for group pictures with relatives.

Candid photography

Candid photography is the capture of pictures when the bride and groom are not aware. These photos will be natural and realistic. Nowadays along with regular photos, people want candid pictures of every move at the wedding. This candid photography is a bit costlier than others.

Fine art wedding photography

In Today's wedding events, fine art photography clicks the images of the couple that is romantic, timeless, and elegant. This photography goes beyond simply presenting the scene. It conveys the emotion and feeling that underlies everything about the couple.

Vintage Photography

Vintage photography is nothing but taking the picture of the bride and groom in retro style. Many wishes to recreate the old past look of the couple poses. These captured pictures will be more romantic and nostalgic.

Dramatic photography

Dramatic photography is also known as modern fashion photography. This involves dramatic lights, attires, and backgrounds, and the final picture will be simply extraordinary. Couples can also recreate any wedding looks they admire in movies, magazines, etc.

What Are Wedding Videos?

Wedding videos will help you relive your wedding day for the rest of your life. It allows you to make a video telling your wedding preparations like the first meeting with your partner, how it went and how you felt about the wedding. You can live that day endlessly whenever you watch this video.

Importance Of Wedding Photography And Videography

The memories of your big day, which you can reminisce about when you want only through those pictures and videos. These images and videos can be shown to your kids in the future. It is always a pleasure to see wedding photos and videos of a couple.

How To Choose A Place For Wedding?

💒 Discuss with your partner whether it is a destination or a hall marriage.
💒 Choose a venue or background that suits your dream.
💒 Keep your budget in mind.
💒 Consider your count of guest arrival.


Make sure that your wedding photographers are friendly to you. Photographers should suggest wedding poses for couples. The bride and groom should select all those poses or styles which they desired to click. Photographs are to understand what lives mean to us. Check all the wedding photography images once from the photographer before it is framed. Find your partner in Nithra Matrimony, have a blasting wedding, and frame those memories.

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