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Types Of Tamil Wedding Invitation


Types of Tamil wedding invitation


A wedding invitation is a letter with a token of love to invite people to a wedding event. Most marriages not only in India but in every country are followed by asking their relatives to attend the wedding using marriage cards.

Types of Tamil wedding invitation

Tamil invitations are probably filled with traditionalism. But today there are many wedding designs following, Let us discuss some of the Tamil wedding invitation ideas.

Traditional wedding cards

Traditional wedding cards usually start with a picture of the desired god and goddess, followed by the Tamil bride and groom's name, ancestral details, and complete information such as the wedding venue and time. What's more special about Tamil traditional invitations? The name of relatives of the Tamil bride and groom are mentioned on the back of the invitation card, which shows respect and love to their family and relatives. This type of invitation is followed for many years and it is still followed. Use Nithra Tamil calendar to choose your auspicious day and other wedding services like beauty parlors, photography, catering, wedding hall, and decorations in Tamil Nadu, you can even choose for your district.

Personalized wedding cards

Personalized wedding cards are created on the individual desire and wish, the designs are completely customized including the color, size, design, Tamil quotes for wedding cards, and quality of the paper/card. It is completely your creativity, you create your own ideas in this wedding card.

Caricature wedding invitation

This type of wedding invitation is filled with fun and excitement because the face of the bride and groom are in the 3d or painting format. These types of invitations are usually created to invite friends for engagement, Haldi, and for other pre-wedding ceremonies. Here you can fill the unique wedding invitation wording.

Electronic Invitations

The electronic invitation is a cardless and paperless invitation, which is usually used to invite people who are long distance, by sharing the online invitation through email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media.


Wedding card designs may vary but are not traditional, choose any of the above-mentioned wedding invitation ideas and celebrate your big day. If you are a bride/groom to be reading this blog, you can visit Nithra Matrimony and choose the best match for you.

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