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Traditional Sarees for Tamil Weddings


Marriage is an unforgettable event in a woman's life. In that wedding, the bride grabs the attention of the whole event with one dress. Yes, when a Tamil woman wears a saree, the whole world will admire her grace. In Tamil weddings, Muhurtham sarees play an important role, brides have many options and when she wears the saree it gives an extra glow to every Tamil bride. Sarees have always dominated wedding fashion and nothing beats their place in tradition and culture. South Indian sarees are a treasure that is passed down to the next generation. In this blog, we will discuss traditional sarees for Tamil weddings.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees

The queen of all sarees and the pride of Tamil Nadu, Ganjeevaram sarees have a true place in the hearts of every South Indian woman. Considered one of the most beautiful sarees around the world, the Kanjeevaram takes its name from its birthplace, Kanchipuram village. This beautiful fabric is also known as Kanchipuram pattu. The Kanjeevaram bearing its name can be considered the South Indian version of the Banarasi silk sarees. These mesmerizing sarees are made of beautiful colors and thick fabric. A touch of gold in Kanjeevaram sarees is perfect for a marriage occasion or any celebration.

Koora Pattu Pudavai

The Koora Pudavai has been a part of the traditional culture of Tamil Nadu. Many brides prefer to wear a red roof saree with heavy jewelry and bright makeup on their wedding. It looks super royal, elegant, and traditional. These types of sarees usually have bright golden borders. Mayiladuthurai is famous for the weaving of Koora Pattu Pudavai. This saree is an irreplaceable part of the wedding and religious ceremonies and hence culturally significant. Over the years, this saree has been worn by various women during their weddings and now it has become a symbol of South Indian heritage and pride.

Madurai sungudi

The chiming of temple bells, the scent of jasmine flowers, jigarthanda, and the magnificent Sungudi sarees make Dunganagara in Tamil Nadu a beautiful city. Each saree is a masterpiece that brings sheer joy to the weavers. Women love to flaunt the dual-dyed sungudi saree at folk weddings and other traditional functions. These sarees are also considered accessories to expensive sarees due to their low cost. Looks classy when worn with gold jewelry.

Banarasi silk sarees

Banarasi silk sarees are the best sarees for weddings. Varanasi has a wide variety of Banaras sarees that brides can find in different colors. Banarasi sarees originated during the Mughal period when Muslim craftsmen and artisans chose Banaras as a place well connected to their culture and started weaving silk Banarasi sarees there.

Mysore silk sarees

Mysore silk sarees are one of the best styles of sarees that are very popular all over the world. It comes in vibrant colors and gives the saree a rich feel and classy look. Like the Kanchipuram silk sarees, the Mysore silk saree is an intrinsic form of culture and tradition of the people of South and North India. The varieties of Mysore silk sarees have been compared to the world-famous Kanchipuram sarees and topped the list.


Tamil Nadu sarees such as Kanjivaram saree, koora pattu, and Banarasi saree are perfect for weddings, functions, parties, and casual and corporate wear as well. Madurai sungudi sarees with beautiful colors and Mysore silk sarees are suitable for women but Kanjivaram saree is known as wedding saree all over India. Register your profile with 100% trusted matrimonial free registration. Add your profile and find your matches based on your interests. Nithra Matrimony is the only community profile for all communities in your favorite location with excellent customer service.

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