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Top 5 Traditional Wedding Games


💏 Can you imagine a wedding ceremony without music, fun, games and the cheers of guests? Marriage brings happiness to many people. Often the bride and groom expect more than others. To keep your wedding reception fun and exciting, we have listed some interesting and humorous wedding games for the bride and groom. Of course, your guests are entertained by these games. Here in our Nithra Matrimony Nithra Matrimony recommends some Traditional Wedding Games.

Top 5 Traditional Wedding Games

💏 Mr and Mrs Games:

Through these types of games, the relationship between the bride and groom will be strengthened. In this game relatives, prepare the questions for the Bride and Groom in advance. All questions asked on this occasion should be related to the couple's personal life. For Example: Who proposed first? Who gave the gift first? Traditional Tamil wedding games test married couples and create good bonding and compatibility.

💏 Ring Fishing Game:

It is one of the most popular Wedding Reception games in Tamilnadu. After the wedding ceremonies are over, the bride and groom are asked to find the ring in a large vessel filled with milk. The first person to find the ring will receive a prize from the others or whoever finds the ring first will get bragging rights for their life. Fun Tamil wedding games for entertainment are designed to make both families more comfortable with each other.

💏 Coconut Rolling Game:

After the bride and groom are officially married, the couple must sit 10 feet apart from each other. Coconut is brought later. In this kind of indoor reception game, the bride and groom roll their coconuts to each other and break the coconut at the right time. This game is played to build understanding between the couples and also hope that the marriage will be successful. Almost every Indian community follows this tradition.

💏 Breaking Appalam:

Can't even imagine our weddings without these memorable games! the Pappadam breaks on the head of the married couples or sometimes even on the face of the bride! It is one of the Traditional wedding games indoors. It is a wonderful event to join relatives and share their happiness during the wedding games.


💏 Weddings are a wonderful event where all their family, relatives and friends join together apart from the competition. These trending pre-wedding games will surely make your wedding ceremony more enjoyable. If you want to know more about traditional wedding games visit Nithra Matrimony Sites.


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