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Top 5 Temples in Tamil Nadu to get married soon


It is an ancient belief that if a man and a woman of marriageable age face marriage obstacles, if they visit certain famous temples and worship, the marriage obstacles will be removed and the marriage will take place. This custom is still followed today. In this blog we have listed the top 5 temples in Tamil Nadu to get married soon.

🙏 Thirumananjeri temple

As its name suggests, this temple is well-known among single men and women. This temple is located in Kumbakonam. Where Lord Kalyana Sundareswarar wed Goddess Gowri. For early marriage, people travel to this temple from various regions of Tamil Nadu and neighboring states.

🙏 Sri Thatheeswarar Temple

Sri Thatheeswarar Temple is located in a place called Chithukadu near Chennai. The main god and goddesses of this temple are lord Shiva and goddess Poonguzhali. This temple is believed to resolve marriage obstacles by doing special abhishekas to the lord. Offering bangles, Vasteras, and lamping on the ghee lamps will make the Tamil Nadu brides and grooms get married soon.

🙏 Sri Gneelivaneswarar Temple

Sri Gneelivaneswarar temple is located in Thiruppaingneeli in the Tiruchirapalli district. The original wise (moolavar) of this temple is Lord Shiva called Gneelivaneswarar and goddess Visalakshi. Those who are facing delay/late marriage, can visit this temple and tie a mangal sutra for the sacred tree in this temple. After completing these poojas and rituals, marriage obstacles will remove and the bride/groom will soon meet their life partner.

🙏 Sri Muthumariamman Temple

Muthumariamman temple is placed in thayamangalam, Sivagangai district. The goddess of this temple is Muthumariamman, it is believed that offering a pearl of gold at her feet will make the unmarried brides and grooms in TamilNadu will get married soon.

🙏 Kodunkundranathar Temple

Kodunkundranathar temple is situated in Piranmalai of the Sivaganga district. The god and goddesses of this temple are Viswanathar (lord shiva) and Thenambal. Tamil unmarried grooms/brides can visit this temple and offer white Vasteras to goddesses which will make them a wedding blessing soon.


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