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Top 5 South Indian Wedding Food


All around India, people enjoy South Indian food very much, especially the variety of rice dishes, main courses like sambar and rasam, and sides like chutneys and pickles. Breakfast foods like idlis, dosas, and Uttapam are also highly popular. There are too many things to count when it comes to South Indian food culture. You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that south Indian weddings would not be complete without serving this dish on a "Thala Valai Ilai".

At weddings, everyone enjoys eating! So now we want to offer you some traditional wedding meal dishes for South Indian weddings that would be a perfect complement to your wedding menus as well as highlight the Tamil culture. Here are the top 5 food items served during a South Indian wedding celebration.


Without rice, a south Indian wedding is incomplete. It is one of the most important food served to guests. It can be used to prepare various delicious rice, among other things. In every Tamil wedding, white rice, vegetable, mushroom biriyani, brinji, and other dishes like lemon rice, Puliyodharai, curd rice, etc. all play major roles in every Tamil wedding.


A traditional wedding popular dish served at every south Indian wedding is Kalyana veetu sambar. Compared to the one we make at home, it tastes better.

There are several different kinds of kalyana veetu sambar, such as brinjal sambar, also known as kathirikai sambar, mullangi sambar (Raddish), idli sambar, mango sambar, tomato sambar, mixed vegetable sambar, carrot sambar, and murungakkai sambar (drumstick samba) and the list includes Vaththa Kozhambu, Kara Kuzhambu, and Pepper Kuzhambu.


Rasam is often used at Tamil wedding ceremonies as well as in south Indian restaurants. There are numerous varieties of rasam, including milagu rasam (pepper), thakkali rasam, poondu rasam, parupu rasam, and puli rasam. Rasam can be eaten with rice or on its own and is regarded to be very good for digestion.

Poriyal / Aviyal

Poriyal, a side dish, pairs well with sambar rice. Poriyals are prepared with a wide range of vegetables, including lady's fingers (vendakkai poriyal), paruppu beans, potatoes, brinjal, carrots, and muttaikose.

A unique dish called aviyal has every type of vegetable, including carrots, beans, and drumsticks. The delectable and nourishing south Indian Kootu is typically served at wedding ceremonies.

Sweets and Karam

A sweet and Karam are essential components of any wedding. Payasam, gulab jamuns, jangiris, badhushah, laddus, Mysore Pak, Kesari, and other popular desserts may be served on the wedding menu. Medu vada, ulundu vada, masala vada, and paruppu vada are some of Tamil Nadu's top-notch wedding food options. These South Indian sweets and Karam are important to try. So at upcoming weddings, make sure to taste them!


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