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The Role of Career in Marriage Life


Does marriage affect career or does career affect marriage? This is a huge question that baffles people, especially in early adulthood. This is because the age between 22-34 is when an individual is supposed to take familial and economic responsibility. This issue highlights women's life than men's since it is believed that women's career is optional when it comes to marriage life. Likewise, there still exist men who have troubles with this where they want to choose low-paid jobs of their passion being a family man. So, what is the solution? How can one clear all these confusions? Well, it is important to learn, study and analyse the role and purpose of marriage and career in one's life. To put it simply in words, marriage life is a journey with the spouse, a supportive traveler, and thus career is a transport. One must have a partner to accompany, and one should transport to travel to make a perfect journey. It is noticed that a marital life without a job is making a journey without choosing a transport but a partner. You have to slowly walk all the way long which in turn becomes an agonizing journey. On the other hand, when one chooses a career over marriage, it will be a compromising journey without a companion. One who is wise makes both marriage and career success. To be the wisest and to erase the question marks of doubts like "Is a job necessary for marriage? Should I marry without a job? Career first or marriage?", one must learn career and marriage balance. This Nithra Matrimony blog will let you know the 'Dos' to have a peaceful life and also help you find a suitable life partner.

Things to do Before Marriage

Let us first analyse the purpose of marriage. The prime reason for marriage is love. The genuine lover is the one who stands by, appreciates, and supports the independence, choice, and likes and dislikes of their spouse. The spouse must be the one who accepts the other completely as what they are. To be a spouse means to be far from ego, suspicion, and disrespect. But these are the meaner characters of human beings. Some may know how to tackle these attitudes and some may abhor them. So, to avoid such troublesome circumstances, one must choose their life partner cleaver. The individuals before marriage think of "career versus marriag". To stop the world from running with the idea of 'versus', the world must turn to "career and marriage". Harmony begins with the replacement of the term "versus" with "and". A career symbolizes the independence and prosperity of a person. Similarly, marriage symbolizes responsibility and a sense of foundation. Therefore, one must make a prosperous foundation with their career in their marital life. And for that, one must find someone who suits their expectations to avoid misunderstandings. It is the choice that determines the rest of one's life. Though marriage is just a part of one's life, a person is considered healthy only until all the parts of his/her body are perfect and trouble-free. Such is a healthy life. To balance career and marriage, one must marry someone who supports it. The risk of finding a supportive partner highly diminishes when expected to work in one's field. To find such a match, the bride/groom-to-be can register in Nithra Matrimony and find their equals. It is a stroke of luck, "free registration" for the awaiting brides.

Things to do After Marriage

The married couple thinks of "career versus love" at times when they get their dream job and promotions. To make that "career and love" and to balance both after marriage is not rocket science. Growing together is a sign of true love. To grow together in familial, occupational, and economical, is the pride of a prosperous marital life. To flourish together, certain tips follow:

No work shall accompany home

In the marital life of the working couple, both husband and wife must confine their work out of home and also home out of office. This would let one focus on where they are at the moment. This also helps someone to feel relaxed and trouble-free.

Scheduled working

The partners must schedule their work. For instance, if that's a workaholic week, both must choose time for family vacations or plans and make time for each other. If there are children, scheduling the PTAs, drop and pick up, and all such responsibilities with an absolute understanding of both the parents and the children is a wise way of making a love and career balance.

Career choice

The choice of career of an individual plays an important role in marital life. One can turn selfish when he/she focuses only on a career but not on the family. This is because when one gets employed in jobs that part the one from the family, the quality time with family may reduce and also disappear.

Equal hands in households

As a working couple on desks, they must also be a working couple in their own house. This will let both of them stress-free and also work together let them share some time and burden and it paves a path to understanding each other.

To opine and decide together

Opinion from the spouse and deciding on something together learning the pros and cons would let the couple decide the best for the family. Considering every suggestion and opinion of the spouse that is good for both must be welcomed.


Balance love life with a career and never consider one as the villain of the other and that love and career cannot coexist. It is a matter of love towards one's spouse and their choices. 'Supporting each other and growing together' shall be the motto of a working couple for a prosperous marital life.

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