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The Best Divorce Matrimony And How to Find a Partner for Remarriage


Nowadays, the couple starts their life happily and ends in divorce. Statistically, the divorce rate is increasing day by day. Divorce happens when a healthy relationship turns into a toxic relationship. If you have no idea about divorce, this blog will help you to know what is divorce, the reasons for divorce, and so on.

What is Divorce?

Divorce is a legal separation or termination of a marital relationship. This is when the husband and wife will be permanently separated as strangers. Every state in India requires a petition by the husband or wife before the court to grant a divorce.

What is the Legal Rule for Divorce?

According to Section 10A of the Indian Divorce Act, of 1869, a couple must have been separated for at least two years for the courts to consider a divorce with mutual consent. The couple only needs to prove that they were not living as husband and wife during this time for the divorce to be granted.

Reasons for Divorce

There are several reasons for marriage but here are some of the major reasons for divorce,

💔 Lack of intimacy, passion, and commitment.
💔 Cheating or having an adulterous affair.
💔 Financial problems.
💔 Lack of mutual equality.
💔 Physical, emotional, and substance abuse.
💔 Married at too young and immature.
💔 Absence of love, care, and understanding.

Life After Divorce

Yes! Divorce is heartbreak. But everyone should heal from it. Some people take short time and some others take a long time to get healed and lead a normal life. After the divorce, they don't trust others. To all the people who have faced divorce, take your own time, pick up things and pull yourself together. Your life is not over here. God has given you one more chance by exiting your toxic relationship. Find a man/woman who meets your lifestyle, hitch together and have a happy life.

How to Find a Perfect Partner for Remarriage

Finding the ideal companion or spouse is not only finding a perfect partner, it is also finding someone you spend your golden years with him/ her and grow old together. Selecting the one for remarriage is a bit critical. You should not make the previous mistake again while choosing. There are several divorced matrimony sites but Nithra Matrimony is the best divorce matrimony in Tamil Nadu.

There are tremendous second marriage matrimony profiles at Nithra Matrimony. Both the remarriage brides and grooms can register for free in remarriage matrimony. You can also select your partner by filtering your preferred location, education, profession, religion, and caste. Thousands of divorce matrimony brides and grooms found their partner through us and now leading a happy and peaceful life together. Find your divorced matrimony grooms or brides now.


Divorce is not an end to your life, it is a new start for your future. Don't waste your time worrying. Just refresh your past and begin your search for your perfect partner.

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