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Tamil Nadu Marriage Scheme


There are various costs associated with getting married. Families from economically deprived members struggle to afford wedding expenses. The Tamil Nadu Marriage Assistance Scheme was introduced by the Tamil Nadu government in order to help needy people. The government will give financial support through this plan at the time of marriage. Read this article completely to get to know the Tamil Nadu marriage schemes that are available in Tamil Nadu. We also mentioned the Tamil Nadu marriage Scheme eligibility.

Tamil Nadu marriage Assistance scheme

The Tamil Nadu State Government has initiated the Tamil Nadu Government Marriage Scheme, through which the government would give financial support for the costs associated with the marriage of the daughters of the state's economically poor people. The government has started 5 schemes for daughters of low-income households, orphan girls, widows remarrying, widow-daughter marriages, and inter-caste married couples will all receive various sorts of help under this plan.

Moolvalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar ninavu marriage scheme

The benefit of this scheme is the bride gets financial help in the amount of Rs. 25000 or Rs. 50000. When the bride has completed her 10th-grade studies, financial aid for Rs 25000(the bride should have studied class 5th in the case of the scheduled tribe). The bride should have a degree from a government college, a distance learning institution, a government-recognized university, or a diploma from an organization approved by the government of Tamil Nadu's directorate of education. The family's annual income cannot exceed Rs. 72000 to profit from this scheme.


📌 The applicant must reside permanently in Tamil Nadu.
📌 Class 10th in the case of the general category and class 5th in the case of the scheduled tribe are the minimum educational requirements to be eligible for the program.
📌 The applicant's annual family income must not exceed Rs 72000 to profit from this.

Dr. Dharmambal Amaiyar ninaivu widow remarriage scheme

The widows who remarry will receive the advantage of this plan. Cash support of Rs. 25000 is given through this program. Out of this, Rs. 15000 is given by direct benefit transfer, Rs. 10,000 is given as a national saving certificate, and Rs. 4 gram of 22-carat gold coin is provided for making Mangalam.
A total benefit of Rs. 50,000 would be given to all beneficiaries with degrees or diplomas, of which Rs. 30,000 will be paid via direct benefit transfer and Rs. 20,000 will be distributed in the form of national saving certificates and a 4-gram 22-carat gold coin for Mangalam. To profit from this program, there is no set financial limit or required level of education.


📌 The candidate must be a Tamil Nadu permanent resident.
📌 To take part in this program, neither a minimum level of education nor income is necessary.
📌 When a widow remarries, they can benefit from this program.

E.V.R Maniammaiyar ninaivu marriage scheme (Daughters of Poor Widow)

The daughters of Tamil Nadu residents who are widowed can receive benefits from this state government program. Under this program, brides who have completed their high school education are given financial help in the amount of Rs. 25000, while those who have obtained their college degrees or diplomas are given financial assistance in the number of Rs. 50,000. Additionally, the beneficiary's annual family income cannot be higher than Rs 72000.


📌 The applicant's family annual income cannot be more than Rs 72000.
📌 The applicant must reside permanently in Tamil Nadu.
📌 This program only benefits daughters of low-income widows.

Annai Theresa ninaivu marriage scheme (Orphan Girls)

In accordance with this plan, the state government will provide benefits to the orphan girls in the state. Such orphan girls who have completed their high school education at the time of their marriage will receive financial help of Rs 25000 through this program of the Tamil Nadu state government. Additionally, these orphan girls receive financial aid in the amount of Rs. 50,000 once they have finished their diploma or graduate.


📌 The potential candidate must live in Tamil Nadu permanently.
📌 In this program, the applicant's salary is not capped at a certain level.
📌 The candidate must have finished class five of high school or class six in the case of the scheduled tribe.
📌 Only orphaned girls are eligible for this program.

Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy ninaivu inter caste marriage scheme

In the case of intercaste marriage, the benefit of this scheme is offered. To make Mangalyam, financial support of Rs. 25000 is supplied through this program, of which Rs. 15000 is provided as a direct benefit transfer and Rs. 10,000 is given in the form of a national saving certificate and a 4-gram 22-carat gold coin. A financial aid package worth Rs. 50,000 would be provided to degree or diploma holders, of which Rs. 30,000 will be provided as a direct benefit transfer and Rs. 20,000 will be provided as a national saving certificate together with a 4-gram 22-carat gold coin for Mangalyam.
There is no upper-income limit or required level of education to take advantage of this program. However, there are two sorts of inter-caste marriages. If a couple falls under category 1, one spouse must belong to a scheduled caste or tribe, while the other spouse may come from any other community. In category 2, one spouse must be from the forward community or another community, while the other spouse must be from BC or MBC.


📌 To take advantage of this program, there is no minimum educational requirement or income requirement.
📌 The candidate must reside in Tamil Nadu permanently.
📌 The inter-caste marriage situation will be included under this scheme's benefits.


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