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உங்கள் வரனை இலவசமாக பதிவு செய்ய இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும். பெண்களுக்கு முற்றிலும் இலவசம்.


Paid Membership Vs Free Matrimonial Service

Wedding matrimony sites became the new way of searching a life partner through online websites over the 2 decades. Day by day the evolution of matrimony sites is getting higher from small villages to cities and across global. More than hundreds of matrimony sites available in Tamil Nadu. So choosing among them is a difficult task for people who are searching for a life partner. Many options are also included for the users in matrimony sites which is really helpful. Although the confusion between the fbenefits of paid matriemonial site and the benefits of free matrimonial site.

In this blog, we are going to give an overview of the difference between paid membership vs free matrimonial services to get rid of your confusion. Nithra matrimony is one of the best and most reliable matrimony in Tamil Nadu register for free. The best services that are given by Nithra matrimony will leave you in awe state. Let's find out here:

How does paid membership work? As well as a free matrimonial service?

Two different types of memberships are provided by the matrimony sites to the brides and grooms who are looking for their matching partner. The services consist of paid matrimony services and free matrimony services. Generally, there are some advantages are in paid membership services compared to free matrimonial services. As Nithra matrimony always approaches customers in a secure way. For paid members, they can access many services easily by using the card. Free services also have benefits but with some restrictions.

Difference between Paid membership and free matrimonial service

Let's see the difference between paid membership and free matrimonial service briefly. As you know, what does mean the paid membership and free matrimonial service? But you must know about the difference that will be quite easy for you to choose. Many matrimonial sites offer matrimony memberships according to their features, terms and conditions so as Nithra matrimony. Registration is free for the bride and groom. Our matrimony won't ask for any payment for free matrimonial service. It is applicable for a lifetime. If you choose to go for the free membership, you can view the profiles globally but you cannot take their contact number, or view horoscope details, or give a request to the profile, or even message them due to some security reasons. Unless and until the opposite side allows to contact. That's where they need to go for the premium plan. In paid membership, there are numerous options including the standard plan, silver plan, gold plan, diamond plan, and platinum plan. In these plans, the prices are really amazing and it is truly affordable to all kinds of people.

Pros and Cons of Paid Membership

The advantages of paid membership site is you can get a wide range of opportunities to access the services. Nithra matrimony provides low-cost membership for all users. You will be surprised after hearing the prices of the plans. The pros of paid membership in matrimony include monthly, annually, and lifetime. On some matrimonial sites, they restrict viewing a small number of profiles for the high cost. But Nithra matrimony is a user-friendly site so they allow to view more profiles for a low price. For instance, you can view 500 profiles in just two thousand and five hundred rupees only. All the necessary features are included in this lifetime plan. You can give request the profile, like or dislike the profile, add it to your favorites, block or unblock the profile, and you can contact them, or chat with them through Whatsapp, Facebook, or Telegram. Customer privacy really matters to us. Our matrimony team will be careful enough while sharing the information about the profiles.

Searching the profiles is really easy because they have given in categories such as profession-based, community-based, religion-based, NRI profiles and so on. If you want to view the NRI profiles, we have thousands of profiles under this category from countries like the United States of America, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and so on. But there is a time limit for paid membership, if you choose 3-month plan, you have to renew the membership before the due date gets expiry.

Pros and Cons of Free matrimonial service

In the free matrimonial service, you can browse matrimony profiles by categories freely. This applies not only to paid members but also to the free matrimonial service. If you choose to view community profiles, we have thousands of various communities such as Vanniyar Kula Chattriyar, Goundar, Vellala, Naidu, Iyer and so on. The advantages of free membership site is you can view profiles with no time limit. The chances of viewing the profiles and time are endless but the progress of searching for a life partner is pointless. You have to take another step to reach your goal of finding your soulmate. So if you want to find your suitable partner soon you should not stay at this level.


Through this article, we hope you will get a clear idea of choosing paid membership and free matrimonial service. Whether it will be paid or free we care for our clients equally. There are no restrictions to view profiles and 100% verified profiles and privacy control. Marriage will not happen just like that, it takes a lot of time and effort. The more give the input, the more you get the output. Before you choose your life partner, mutual understanding is important in life. The conversation between the bride and the groom is essential. So that it will be easy for you to choose the right matching partner create your free matrimony profile on Nithra Matrimony. Nithra matrimony is a family matrimony site. We are part of each and every family as we take this responsibility and help our clients to find the perfect match. You will get notified time by time if anyone liked or requested your profile and the response from the other side based on your details. You can get help from our team anywhere and anytime by installing our Nithra Manamaalai app from the google play store.

Our Nithra Matrimony App

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