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Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals and Ceremonies


Tamil marriages are always colorful and vibrant. They have several wedding rituals and ceremonies. But particularly brahmins have rituals for two-three days. Brahmin wedding is also known as Tambrahm. Are you looking for Tamil brahmin grooms and brides? Check Nithra Matrimony for plenty of brides and grooms profiles in Tamil Nadu from various professions. To know more about Tamil brahmin wedding ceremonies, this blog will be a great guide.

Engagement (Nichayathartham)

With the agreement of their families, the bride and groom exchange rings during the engagement ceremony. The priest reads Lagna Patrikai (contains family information such as ancestors, family name, city, etc.); muhurtham date and time will be set on this day. The Ganapathy Homam will be performed to obtain god's blessings.


Ceremony in which five to seven married ladies from both households water nine different kinds of grains that are placed in a clay pot. This represents the expansion of the family; the bride also participates in watering the pot, and after the marriage, the pots are thrown into a river or lake.


In this ritual, the groom asks his father for permission before leaving the brahmacharya stage. Both the groom's and the bride's wrists are tied with a kaapu or rakhi as a sign of protection.

Maazhai Matrudhal

According to the historical hierarchy, the bride and groom exchange garlands, which their maternal uncles gave them. The purpose of this ceremony is to achieve the union of two souls.


The couples proceed to a decorated swing, called Oonjal. The family's married women wash and clean their feet with milk before they sit on the wooden swing. They are also given bananas and milk. Additionally, traditional songs referred to as "Oonjal pattu" are sung.

Pidhi Suthal

5 or 7 aunts from each side still have their living husbands. Waving white, red, and yellow rice balls (oorundai) in all directions will bless the marriage. Which is pleasing to the gods who stand for these instructions.


Right before mangalyadharanam, a wooden yoke is placed on the bride's head on a bed of scared grass and thaali while she sits on her father's lap. For her pleasure and success, prayers are recited. In kannikadhanam, the bride, the bride's father, and the groom carry out the ceremonies as a holy priest chants Vedic mantras.


The major ceremony involves the groom tying three knots (thaali) around the bride's neck at a fortunate moment while other instruments like nadaswaram are performed.

Ammi Midhithal

In this Tamil Brahmin ritual, the groom asks the newlywed wife to step on a grinding stone, signifying that she should be as unmoved by life's challenges as the rock-like stone beneath her feet. The groom places metti on the bride after she is ordered to step on a grinding stone.


The wife stands and applies Nalangu (an oil and kumkum mixture) on her husband's feet. Then she applies Kumkum and sandalwood to his forehead. He puts a broken chutta appalam (a disc-shaped edible) over his head. She then offers him a mirror so he can see himself. The husband then performs all of these rites for the wife. All these rituals are done in order to tease each other.


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