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Simple Wedding Vs Grand Wedding


Simple wedding vs Grand wedding!


🎊 Many of us may have a dream of our marriage. The buds are to bloom one day and as the same, the bride and the groom are to bloom on their wedding day. The day of marriage is always special as we start our new beginning with a new family. To make the wedding a remarkable one, most of us have different plans for the celebration. Some used to spend money to a greater extent on marriage and some by celebrating modestly.

🎊 Confusions may arise in the choice between grand or simple marriage as well as in choosing a soulmate but those can be solved easily. The answer to your question of choosing the right partner can be clarified by Nithra matrimony and the query of having a well-spending marriage or having a spend-less marriage is cleared in the upcoming passages.

Luxury Wedding:

🎊 A Luxury Wedding is spending too much amount of money on decorations, pre-wedding photography, wedding photography, invitation, purchases, food, and inviting a greater number of guests and others for the wedding of your dream. These expensive weddings are made to remember forever. The savings that we had from spending frugally over the previous years is to be spent for a single day.

🎊 Also, in grand wedding there will be a need to provide a huge amount to the wedding planner, the grand stage decorations, the flowers, the buffet system with different menus, wedding invitations that have attractive designs, and the photographer. These may end in the risk of having debts. If you have an idea of having a Luxury Wedding, you can plan according to the budget that you have in your hand so that you can avoid receiving debt.

Simple Wedding:

🎊 Some couples prefer Simple Weddings like a Budget-friendly marriage other than spending extravagantly. Because they can invest that money for other purposes which will be necessary for their living or they may save it for their later use. Rather than having attention to decorations for their wedding, the couple has their attention on living their life. If you were to choose a Simple Wedding, there is nothing wrong with that. A Simple Wedding idea is always fine without any trouble.

🎊 Having an expensive or non-luxurious wedding doesn’t matter anymore but the importance is in choosing the right partner. If you are searching for the right partner, you can register your profile in Nithra matrimony which will give you a perfect suit as per your wavelength that you expect.

Preference for grand or Simple Wedding:

🎊 Preference over having an expensive or Simple Wedding is based on your savings. A wedding ceremony has nothing to bring other than debts, the happiness is brought only through the life that we live together for weeks and years after marriage. One should have a fixed plan for the wedding budget according to their status.

🎊 A person who is high in status will always have an expensive wedding, wasting money on the kinds of stuff that are unnecessary for living. Whereas a middle-class person thinks of the life behind their marriage and tries to save money instead of having a grand marriage. So, the choice is based on the budget that we have saved for our wedding. It's better to have a Simple Wedding instead of having debts and worrying about it.


🎊 Other than spending money on a wedding, the couple can start saving their money for later use. Having an expensive or simple marriage is not important, but having a caring soulmate is important. May your wedding plans include your future plans.

🎊 Nithra Matrimonial site provides you with certain blogs on best wedding planning, buffet ideas for marriage, how to save money for marriage, and others that will be helpful for you. The person who is looking for a bride or groom in NRI matrimony can create their profiles in Nithra matrimony!

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