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Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Is Still Successful


Reasons Why Arranged Marriage is Still Successful


Arranged weddings are better because they include family support, ensure compatibility, and focus on long-term stability. Families can help locate a perfect match by choosing shared values and experiences, which can lead to a stronger and more balanced relationship. Divorce cases decreasing the level of and the growth of love over time influence the success of scheduled marriages. Choose your loveable life partner through the Nithra Matrimony website.

7 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages are Good

1. Family involvement and support

Much as in an arranged marriage, the majority of the decision-making process for a suitable life partner lies with both families. This ensures that the marriage is based on a value system, cultural compatibility, and social status. Love and care from both families can be strong support systems for the couple during difficult times. Collectively responsible involvement often results in better acceptance and adjustment of the new family member.

2. Compatibility & practicality

Arranged marriages emphasize bonding over physical attraction. Parents evaluate education, social status, religion, and career aspirations. Often, this practical process even leads to a relationship where the expectations and requirements of both individuals are familiar with each other, therefore, a more beneficial and more faithful relationship.

3. Lower Divorce Rates

Statistics often indicate that arranged marriages stand at a lesser divorce rate compared to love marriages. This could be explained by the excellent evaluation, emphasis on compatibility, and robust support system that the families can provide. Societal and familial pressure to make the marriage work must also have some bearing on sustaining the relationship.

4. Building Love Over Time

In arranged marriages, love is considered to develop with time. The initial step is mutual respect and understanding, which gradually grows into something more profound. This slow and steady growth may be a long-term bond that might prove more vital than the initial passion observed in a love marriage.

5. Cultural continuity and tradition

Arranged marriages are deeply rooted in tradition and cultural continuity. It ensures that the cultural heritage remains within the family, together with the family traditions. This continuity breeds a sense of identity and belonging for both spouses and their families.

6. Shared responsibility vs collective decision-making

In arranged marriages, decision-making becomes collective and usually a combined responsibility of both families. Hence, there will be better problem-solving and conflict resolution. The couple benefits from age-related experiences that can be valuable in tiding over marital issues.

7. Balanced expectations

Expectations are more practical in an arranged marriage. Since the relationship starts on a practical note, both partners seem to be more prepared to work things out and make necessary adjustments. Such a practical approach may prevent the kind of disillusionment that sometimes follows from the high expectations one has when entering a love marriage.


There are several elements which contribute to the sustained success of an arranged marriage, such as cultural alignment, family support, and a reasonably good match. These marriages have the blessings of elders' experience and wisdom in building relationships that are closed with mutual respect and values. Besides that, families are usually a great source of support in passing through crises and further strengthening relationships.

Why Arranged Marriage is Still Successful

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