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Reason For Three Knots In Marriage


Reason for three knots in marriage


💑 The Tamil wedding always happens traditionally. The first step of the marriage ceremony is engagement where the marriage date is fixed and announced. On the day of marriage, the bride and groom are made to sit in front of Agni Homan and the groom will tie three knots with the sacred thread around the neck of the bride. The three knots are tied along with mangalyam. This mangalyam protects against evil and provides a long-lasting life for her partner. After completion of this, the groom's scarf is tied to the bride's saree and they will take seven steps around the homam. While circling the homam each seven circles as a couple denotes the seven vows based on the compatibilities of each other's like health, food, generosity, wealth, progeny, strength, and family as the same the three knots also denote certain specific reasons. The indication of three knots in a marriage is given below.

Significance of three knots (Moondru Mudichu):

💑 The Bride and Groom are said to be husband and wife once after the sacred thread is tied by the groom. The thaali is to be tied at the time of mela thaalam being played and on the other side priest is to recite mantras like 'Mangalyam tanthunanena mama jeevana hetuna'. This carol denotes that the Knots are tied for the husband and wife to have the felicitous life for hundred years and the long life of the groom. All three knots which are known to be as moondru mudichu is not tied by the groom. Only the first knot is tied by the groom and it denotes the commitment of the couple and the second knot is also tied by the groom and it denotes the well-being of the bride. The last knot is tied by the groom's sister and that symbolizes the commitment between two families. The three knots also denote the promise of a husband to his lovable wife. Those three promises are believing it, saying it, and executing it. He promises her to believe him and says that whatever promises he has done are said to be executed for sure. Such a believable and understandable husband or wife can be found through Nithra Matrimony.

Importance of wearing mangalyam:

💑 The sacred thread with mangalyam is apply with turmeric and is yellow. The yellow color will protect against evils and enemies and stimulate a long life for the husband. Women portray themselves as married by wearing the sacred thread around the neck. There are five signs for a married woman they are, wearing a toe ring, nose ring, mangalyam, Kumkum, and bangles. Among those Mangalyam is more important. By wearing the Mangalyam it is known that the wife has accepted her husband and the promises he had made her. The two strings in mangalyam denote Lord Siva and Sakthi. The breaking of the mangalyam is considered a bad omen, that something bad is going to occur for the Husband. The designs of Mangalyam may differ according to the culture but the worth always remains the same. Other than superstitious beliefs there are also certain scientific beliefs about wearing the mangalyam. It develops the immune system, maintains blood pressure, and also keeps away from bad energies. This is the important reason to wear mangalyam always.


💑 Changes in Modern trends made women lose the importance of wearing mangalyam. In search of fashion, the tradition has broken down. Our ancestors have brought many traditions just because of some reason. Forcing someone to wear mangalyam is also not good. It is based on the personal choice of women. The choice may be optional in choosing to wear a mangalyam. But when it comes to soulmates, it cannot be optional so choose your right partner in Nithra Matrimony. There are also NRI profiles available which you can obtain by free registration. All your doubts regarding the site will be cleared by customer care. Have your dream life by having the perfect partner of your dream.

reason for three knots in marriage

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