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Muslim Pre and Post Wedding Ceremonies


Marriage is one of the most necessary and dreamy things that happen in every religion and culture. The rites and rituals of marriage vary according to religion. But Muslims take those Muslim marriage rituals very seriously because they consider them as their main responsibilities. At modern Muslim wedding, the rituals are decreasing day by day. This blog provides detailed information about the most important Muslim pre and post wedding ceremonies.

Muslim Marriage (Nikah)

A Muslim wedding is called Nikah and it usually lasts for three days. Muslim wedding ritual is a simple ritual, and the bride doesn't have to be present until she sends two witnesses to the written contract. The ritual includes recitation from the Quran and exchange of vows in front of witnesses.

Muslim Pre Wedding Ceremonies

🎉 Salatul Istikhara
🎉 Imam Zamin
🎉 Mangni
🎉 Manjha
🎉 Mehendi

Salatul Istikhara

The very first ceremony in a Nikah is Salatul Istikhara. After the marriage is fixed, all the family members pray to Allah for the consent and blessings of the future couple. Couples also participate in this prayer. This is the confirmation of the marriage.

Imam Zamin

It is the second ceremony of a Muslim wedding. In this ceremony, the groom's mother comes to the bride's house with sweets, gifts, and a silver or gold coin wrapped in silk cloth. The groom's mother ties it on the wrist of her future daughter-in-law. It signifies the bride's warm acceptance of the groom's family.


Mangni is known as the engagement ceremony. This is the exchange of rings between bride and groom in front of their close family, relation, and friends to witness their engagement. This is the official announcement of Nikah. Both families will shower each other with some gifts, sweets, clothes, fruits, jewels, etc.


Manjha is the Haldi ceremony and it takes a day or two days before the marriage. Both the bride and groom will dress in yellow. All the family members will apply turmeric and sandalwood paste. This ceremony brings joy, an auspicious beginning, and purifies them. After Manjha, the bride and groom should not leave the house until their marriage.


Mehendi is the most important ritual in the Nikah. The bride's close friends and relatives gather together at this ceremony. A well-known or professional Mehendi artist will apply henna to the bride's hands and feet. This ritual will be superb fun with some singing and dances.

Muslim Post Wedding Ceremonies

🎊 Arsi Mushraf
🎊 Rukhsat
🎊 Walimah
🎊 Chauthi

Arsi Mushraf

This is the first ceremony that happens after the Nikah. In this ritual, the first meeting of the bride and groom happens after Nikah, with a mirror placed in between them. The couple will be seated with their face covered and read some prayers.


This is the more emotional moment for the bride and her family with lots of tears. This is the time for the bride to wave goodbye to her family. Then the couple leaves the venue and arrives at her new home. There, she will be welcomed by her mother-in-law and then place the Holy Quran on her head to symbolize her duties as a wife and in-law.


This is the reception which is arranged by the groom's family to declare the bride to the groom's extended family, friends and relations. At this reception, there will be more fun with music and songs. The couple will be gifted by their relatives and friends.


Chauthi is the visit of the couple to the bride's home and it happens four days after the wedding. The couple will be welcomed with great affection and love. Then they have a hearty meal. The wedding ceremonies will be ended with a lovely meal.


The Muslim wedding ceremonies are different from other religions. This Muslim wedding rituals step by step guide will help your future. Are you ready for your Nikah and looking for a bride/ groom? Get registered with Nithra Matrimony, which has lakhs of Muslim brides and grooms profiles. It has free registration too. Browse or install our site for more details about Muslim Matrimony in Nithra.

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