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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage Conversation


Marriage is a lifelong commitment in everyone's life, partners should spend their entire life with huge responsibilities. Some prefer a love marriage while others prefer arranged marriage. In an arranged marriage the family chooses the partner, whereas in a love marriage the person himself/herself chooses his partner. But in both cases, the intention is to get married. It is a conversation between two friends, one in favor of love marriage and the other in favor of arranged marriage. The advantages of love marriage and arranged marriage are also given below.

A Conversation on Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Chezhiyan: Hello Karan!!

Karan: Hey Chezhiyan! How is your life going?

Chezhiyan: Yeah it's good. My parents have decided to look for a bride for my marriage. They have registered my profile in Nithra Matrimony for free. It has various features for brides and grooms. And it is also the best matrimony site in Tamil Nadu.

Karan: Oh, that's great. But I prefer love marriage. In a love marriage, we will marry the one who understands us the most. So that married life goes smoothly without any misunderstandings or conflicts. Thus, we can live a happy and peaceful life.

Chezhiyan: I agree. In an arranged marriage, both couples take time to understand each other. But this does not mean that they have misunderstandings and conflicts. Getting to know each of them will be thrilling and exciting.

Karan: Yes, that's true too. But it is better to choose a partner yourself as you can choose them according to your choice and desire.

Chezhiyan: Right, but you can love someone in arrange marriage too. After looking at the profile from the matrimony site, both the bride and groom can get to know each other. Additionally, I'm filtering the profiles as per my expectations by using the filter option in Nithra Matrimony. So that I will find the perfect one who meets all my dreams. We can also look at the bride/groom's expectations of their likes and dislike.

Karan: Amazing! But in love marriage, the couple sees nothing but a good heart. They work hard together to succeed in life.

Chezhiyan: That's great! Marriage is not only the togetherness of two people but also the union of two different families. In arranged marriage also people understand each other and succeed together. This is the advantage of an arranged marriage.

Karan: That's right. Earlier love marriages had to face many struggles in marriage rituals. But nowadays love marriages have become more common, and many families accept them.

Chezhiyan: Fine! Both love and arranged marriage have their pros and cons, though both end in marriage.

Karan: Yes Chezhiyan. Be it love or arranged marriage, both should have equal love, care, respect, trust, understanding, support, and freedom as keys to a happy life.

Chezhiyan: It's true Karan. And all the best for your love life.

Karan: Thanks, dude! Invite me to your wedding.

Chezhiyan: Definitely karan. Bye!

Karan: See you later.

Advantages of Arranged Marriage

💞 Love grows with time.
💞 Have great financial security.
💞 Support from both families.
💞 Expectations are low.
💞 Couples think about both families and adjustment starts, which is much needed in any relationship.

Advantages of Love Marriage

💞 The couple has mutual respect and trust.
💞 They have a good understanding.
💞 Resulting in having an independent life.
💞 Both have a lot of maturity in a relationship because they know each other's personalities well.
💞 There will be mutual decision-making.


Arrange marriage Vs love marriage is a never-ending topic. One can make their married life happy by showering love and care, it's not up to love or arrangement. Both love and arranged marriages are held by the acceptance of families nowadays. If you are interested in and looking for a bride or groom, you can register your profile in Nithra Matrimony. It has free registration for both bride and groom and is known as a free matrimony site.

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