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Love marriage v/s arranged marriage? What's your choice?

Love marriage vs arranged marriage

Marriage is a long journey of love, care, understanding, ups and downs where both souls travel till the end of their lives it may be a love marriage or arranged marriage but the foundation for your married life should be strong which is choosing the right partner. If the foundation is wrong, the building (marriage life) can be destroyed in a second. In this blog, we are going to discuss Love marriage v/s arranged marriage.

Love marriage matrimony vs arranged marriage matrimony advantages and disadvantages

Both love and arrange marriage have advantages and disadvantages. How to cope with the situation and how to handle the good and bad times with our partner is the most important thing in everyone's life. One should know the value of marriage and its responsibilities. Without realizing those values marriage life is more questionable.

Benefits of love marriage

💏 Love marriage is an individual choice. They have known each other for a long time.
💏 It transcends the ages of religion, caste, and nation, it binds two hearts, two religions, and families.
💏 It never expects any preferences like height, weight, educational qualification, job, salary, or any other qualifications, and when it comes to love marriage, various expectations are not met.
💏 In a successful love marriage, the partner gets to know each other's likes and dislikes, which makes them more understanding.
💏 Some women prefer to work after marriage. In love marriage, it is easy and there is scope for showcasing their talents.

Disadvantages of love marriage

💔 Some people, before marriage, have too much affection for their beloved partner, due to responsibilities, expectations change and lead to heartache after marriage.
💔 Financial problem is the biggest problem when it comes to love marriage. There are chances of blaming each other when the financial situation is bad.
💔 In a love marriage, individuals may lose their family members.

Benefits of arranged marriage

💞 Arranged marriage is a traditional way of connecting two hearts. Culture and tradition remain intact here.
💞 Reuniting the family members after many years.
💞 For people who want to marry their beloved spouse within their community and religion, arranged marriage is the best option.
💞 Creating new relatives and expanding family members.
💞 Financial support is there when it comes to an arranged marriage.

Disadvantages of arranged marriage

💔 You may not have the freedom to choose your dream partner.
💔 Blaming the family members may happen in an arranged marriage.
💔 Misunderstanding is the major drawback of arranged marriage.
💔 Dowry is the first and foremost disadvantage in an arranged marriage.
💔 An arranged marriage may have a higher chance of divorcee when two disinterested hearts come together.

Love marriage or arranged marriage which is best?

Love and arranged marriages are both great in their own way. When there is too much love, attention, affection, possessiveness, etc. there are chances of separation in the relationship. Keeping everything equal leads to a healthy relationship.

Tips for a happy married life


Understanding is the foundation of a happy marriage. Even in love and arranged marriage, partners need to know each other, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, mood swings, and how they react to the situation are some important values in marriages.


Caring for each other when it comes to physical and mental illness is about taking time out for your partner, getting rid of bad times, and spurring them on to the next level were must in the marriage life.


If you are too possessive of your partner, get them out of your mind first. Too much possessiveness leads to many problems in a relationship. Take some time alone, make your partner more comfortable, and start talking to each other. Spend quality time and exchange your thoughts for more understanding.


Supporting each other encourages them to achieve their goals and not put their partner down. Don't blame each other for financial problems, try to support them to overcome the situation. Giving mental strength is strong support in married life.

Hope this blog helps you to know about love and arranged marriage. Keep all the good thoughts and positive vibes with you and start a happy life by finding your lovable partner on Before entering into love or arranged marriage, think twice about whether it will work because there is no point in regretting it after marriage.

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