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Importance Of Horoscopes In Marriage


Importance of horoscopes in marriage


Horoscope Matching is the traditional ritual followed in Tamil marriages. Parents of Tamil Nadu chiefly believe in Horoscope matching for marriage. The marriage is to be fixed only if there are 6-10 matchings out of 10 in the bride and groom's horoscope. Only more than 6 matching in a horoscope is believed to make a marriage successful. The ten types of matchings are said to be, Dina, Rasi, Gana, Yoni, Mahendra, Stree Dirgha, Vashya, Rajju, Rashyadhipati, Vedha, and Nadi porutham. Both Vedha and Nadi are used in the tenth matching. But there are also some successful marriages without Horoscope matching. Before checking out the matching there is a necessary to find out a perfect soulmate. No worries, if you are searching for a perfect soulmate or a soulmate for your son/daughter they can be found easily through Nithra Matrimony. Let's move further to know about Horoscope and its importance.

Is the horoscope important for marriage?

Does the horoscope really work for marriage? This is the question that is arising now a days. Parents of Hindus foresee the Horoscope during the marriage of their son or daughter. This is the culture of Hindus followed over the years as a tradition. By analyzing the Horoscope of the bride and groom, an astrologer may predict the dhosams like Mangalya dhosam and Sani dhosam. Those dhosmas are to be cleared before marriage by some parigaras as said by certain astrologers that you approach for having a long-lasting and healthy life. The two reasons for late marriage are Ragu and Kethu. By having a strong prayer, we can strengthen the weak planets and make the marriage earlier. The compatibility of the bride and groom is found through the 27 Nakshatras. It is believed that by seeing horoscope we can make our marriage life successful. So, the traditional belief of seeing a Horoscope really works for a marriage. As time has passed Horoscope today is not only for arranged marriages but also for love marriages. For a satisfying marriage, a satisfying partner is more important. Have a worthy partner by choosing the Nithra Matrimonial site.

Significant matches for marriage

Horoscope is the prediction of the future according to the position of the stars, and planets, and the time of birth. Parents should know about Horoscope matching, which is important for marriage to avoid the consequences that are being deceived by astrologers. Among the 10 matchings, Rajju is the most important porutham for marriage and it is followed by Gana, Dina, Rasi, and Yoni. These are highly significant matches for marriage. A couple with Rajju matching is said to have a long life. Gana is to act according to each other's wavelength and have compatibility. Dina is associated with health and longevity. Before arranging for marriage, make sure that important matchings are present in a horoscope of the bride and groom. If a Bride or Groom doesn't know their birth time, they can also use their name to see the horoscope because names are baptized according to the nakshatras.

Marriage without a horoscope matching

Horoscope matching for marriage is not mandatory but we see it to avoid the obstacle earlier that are going to occur. But sometimes horoscopes will also make our self-confidence low by losing hope. One should know why we were seeing the horoscope. Many love marriages occur without horoscopic matching they should see their matching after their marriage without ignorance because even a small issue may become critical later. People may say some remedies if the horoscope does not match yet those cannot make the relationship stronger. For a successful marriage, a relationship should have some major factors like love, respect, trust, generosity between each other, and giving importance to the career of the partner. A successful marriage without a horoscope match should have such major factors between them. Only then, the marriage will be successful.


Hindu astrology is recently termed Vedic astrology. This involves the disciplines of Hinduism and the study of Vedas. According to the Vedic astrology of ancient history, Jothidam has been established independently. And from birth to death the Horoscope of a man speaks a lot. Some believe Astrology is a science and some believe as superstitious and others as a heavenly God. However, the thoughts may differ based on the persons mentality. To have a successful marriage, having a perfect partner is mandatory. Find your soulmate without spending too much amount for the dealer. Register for free in Nithra Matrimony and have a happy married life by finding your spouse. The profiles that you expect are available in Nithra Matrimony. This site is designed in simple and elegant for the users. Contact customer care service for any doubts, it will be cleared by our customer service. Register soon! A happy marriage makes your life more successful.


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