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How To Obtain a Marriage Certificate/Registration


Marrying the right partner is a dream for everyone. It's true that there are several rituals and ceremonies are there in Tamil marriage, but one should register their marriage in Tamilnadu marriage registration. Though registration for marriage is not mandatory in every country, registration will be legal evidence if required. Here we guide you on how to get your marriage certificate in Tamilnadu and its benefits of it.

What is Marriage Registration?

Marriage registration is marrying a person legally under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954. A marriage registration certificate is an official document that proves that two people are married.

Procedure for Registration of Marriage

🌟 Initially, download the application form and fill in all the required details.
🌟 Attach all the necessary documents.
🌟 Visit the local registration office and submit the completed application along with the required documents and payments.
🌟 Both husband and wife must appear before the registrar (pre-appointment required), and both must sign the document before the registrar.
🌟 At least four people must be present to authorize the marriage, two of whom must sign the original invitation as witnesses.
🌟 The completion of 18 and 21 age to the brides and grooms respectively at the time of marriage.

Online Marriage Registration

To avoid the struggle of standing and waiting in queues and also visiting the registrar multiple times, our government had made it easy for people by providing online registration. Instead, people can sit in their homes and apply. Are you confused about how to get a marriage certificate online? Here is the procedure,

🎀 Visit Tamil Nadu's official website and click on marriage registration online.
🎀 Fill out the form by entering all the details of your's and your partner.
🎀 Submit the registration form with payment.
🎀 After the verification, you will get the appointment date.

Documents Required for Register Marriage

📍 Photograph of the couple at the wedding
📍 4 individual passport-size photos
📍 Wedding Invitation
📍 Id proof
📍 Address
📍 Date of birth
📍 If it is remarriage, the death/divorce certificate is required.

Importance of Register Marriage

Although the marriage registration process is not easy, it is very important to register your marriage. Some of the importance of registration is given below,

💐 It is the legal proof of your marriage.
💐 Provide security for your marriage life.
💐 Applying for passport and visa.
💐 Helps in several legal proceedings in divorce, remarriage, and custody of kids.


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