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Hindu Pre and Post Wedding Ceremonies


Weddings are a celebration of the bonding of two hearts. Every religion has different rituals but the intention is to make the couple have a lovable life. Hindu wedding ceremonies are different than others. Here are the most important south Indian wedding rituals step by step.

Hindu Marriage

Hindu marriage is the union of a man and a woman in a permanent relationship. Tamil weddings are very simple, full of fun and lights and most importantly they never compromise when it comes to ceremonies and rituals. All weddings in Tamil Nadu are divine, they prefer peace rather than sounds in marriage. In this blog, you can find both Hindu pre wedding rituals step by step as well as post wedding rituals.

Hindu Pre Wedding Ceremonies

🎉 Uruthi
🎉 Engagement
🎉 Invitation
🎉 Naal Virundhu
🎉 Muhurtha Kaal

Uruthi Varthai

The first process in a marriage is uruthi. After both the bride and groom's sides are interested in the marriage, they make an agreement called uruthi. This will be held in the groom's house with a huge gathering. Both the family will exchange platters with bananas, coconut, fruits, flowers, betel leaves, and nuts. This is a major part of the south Indian pre wedding rituals.


This is the formal ring ceremony at every wedding. This ceremony will be held in the bride's house or at any hall. The Grooms family will arrive at the bride's home with a platter, saree, and jewels, especially a ring. After some haldi rituals, the bride will change into a new saree. Then both of them will exchange their rings.


Once the invitation is ready the dictation of invitations will start. Both families will apply turmeric and kumkum on the invitation card. Then both families will present the first invitation before God. The bride's family should invite the groom's family with a plate and vice versa. Then they distribute invitations to their relations.

Naal Virundhu

The wedding festival begins with naal virundhu. This is the small feast at both the bride and groom's house with their close relations.

Muhurtha Kaal

A bamboo tree that has turmeric and kumkum is called muhurtha kaal. 5 or 3 days before the wedding this muhurtha kaal is planted in front of the house of the bride and groom along with their close relations.

Hindu Post Wedding Ceremonies

🎊 Muhurtham
🎊 Reception
🎊 Aarathi Eduthal
🎊 Maruvidu Varuthal
🎊 Kalyana virundhu


Muhurtham is the most essential part of the post marriage rituals. The bride and groom will wear traditional outfits such as sarees and dhotis. Then the groom will tie a mangalsutra at the bride's neck. The first two knots will be tied by the groom and the last knot will be tied by the groom's sister. After this, both of them will go around the Agni three times.


After the muhurtham, the reception takes place. The couple will be seated on the seats at the top of the stage. Their relations, friends, and families will meet them and convey their wishes to the couple. Some arrange orchestras at reception. This will be fun for the couple.

Aarathi Eduthal

As a new start to the bride's life in her new home, the groom's family will invite her with aarathi. Aarathi is a plate of turmeric and limestone water with betel and betel nuts. It is believed to protect the couple from evil eyes.

Maruvidu Varuthal

After the rituals, the bride's family invites the newlyweds to their home with great enthusiasm and arranges a delightful lunch. This will be done with their close relatives.

Kalyana Virundhu

Both the bride and the groom invite their friends, family, and relatives and organize a non-vegetarian lunch. Otherwise, it will be held separately at the house of the bride and groom.


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