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Evolution of Tamil wedding!


🎉 Marriage is not a destination but a flight for a voyage. Marriage may take ups and downs but, that depends on how one pilots it. There was a famous proverb in Tamil where marriage is considered as a seed that sprouts and flourishes as a crop that yields for millennia. This is because no crop blooms after certain years and barriers. Thus, the prosperous life of one would begin after marriage where one supports the other to fight against all odds to flaunt their existence. Though the purpose and love for marriage are the same for decades and centuries, the way of marriage evolved and evolves. Start finding the perfect partner at Nithra matrimony.

The matchmaking:

🎉 Tamil literature evidence the practice of matchmaking as the simplest way of finding one’s soulmate in own locality. When the time passed, people concerned the community with the addition of the locality they belonged. This also promoted marriages within the families. And now, when horoscope has become the supremacy which has complicated the findings of matches and seemed to be choiceless with the traditional way of Tamil bride/Tamil groom hunt. The present-day scenarios welcome even more filtrations with flexible and intense choices and this is achieved through the best tamil matrimony like Nithra matrimony.

Marriages and Gatherings:

🎉 Marriages are family gatherings where distant relatives tend to unite together and bless the couples. But nowadays, the trend of destination weddings comes off gradually where only the very close ones are invited. This brings space and privacy among the family members. But on the other hand, these are expensive just like the cost of a Tamil wedding.

Food in Marriage:

🎉 Food in Tamil marriages includes the complete Tamil veg meals with vadai, payasam, and papad. In recent marriages of Tamil couples, the Tamil bride and Tamil groom’s families welcome a lot of North Indian, Chinese, and Western foods to make the feast attractive. Also, the culture of dining has changed from the members of the couple’s family serving the guests to the catering management that cares about serving with a buffet system. For buffet arrangements, south Indian and a Chettinad food menu check on Nithra Matrimony’s blogs.

Tamil wedding rituals and attire:

🎉 The marriages of Tamils, traditionally include significant ceremonies like a betrothal, pandha kaal, and the prime Tamil wedding ritual (thali kattu) despite the community the wedding couple belongs to. There may be some exceptional rituals for certain castes and creeds of the families.

🎉 The trending plans of Tamil weddings consist of a series of ceremonies like haldi, sangeet, mehendi function and so on to resemble the Northern culture. These are comparatively expensive but enrapturing.

🎉 It is also to be noted that the costumes the wedding couple prefers are mostly northern or western dresses rather than Tamil traditional sarees. Tamil brides who seek ideas on traditional sarees and accessories and Tamil grooms who seek dress ideas and to know the best colors for weddings. To learn the purpose of the mehendi function, can check Nithra Matrimony’s blogs.

Ceremonial stages:

🎉 The traditional Tamil weddings’ muhurtham takes place mostly at the time of Brahma Muhurtham at temples and receptions take place at the couple’s house. In recent decades, it takes place in wedding halls on stages decorated. This is a growing trend where the role of wedding halls and event management is huge. The decorations of the hall and stages also influence the color of the attires worn by the couples.


🎉 Tamil marriages in recent years with holds notable drastic changes with the influence of northern and Western cultures. Though on the one hand, it is hi-fi, attractive, and most liked, the tradition of Tamil weddings is getting defunct. The crowd at the weddings slowly diminishes showing the shrinking of the love to be extended.

🎉 Enhancing the idea of tradition shall not be a bother. Tamil brides-to-be can register at Nithra matrimony to explore more profiles in tamil matrimony free search and find your Tamil groom who awaits. Cook up your weddings with more Tamil ingredients!!


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