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Does Blood Group Matter In Marriage


Does blood group matter in marriage?


Most people, before marriage, will give more importance to the blood group of their partner. Why because Knowing your partner's blood type is an essential requirement before getting married, as it may determine the health of your child. Experts advise that before getting married or having a kid, couples should get their blood's Rh compound checked because it may cause issues for the unborn child.

Blood type which is most suitable for marriage?

O+ red blood cells are compatible with positive red blood cells (A+, B+, O+, AB+), despite the fact that they are not always compatible with other types. If AA marries AA: it is the best possible match because the parent need not be worried about the genetic matching of their kids or grandkids.

The blood group which do not marry

Rh positive refers to someone whose blood contains the Rh factor, while Rh negative refers to someone whose blood does not contain this protein. Rh negative females and Rh positive males shouldn't get married. This could be fatal for both the mother and the child.

Are two blood types incompatible during pregnancy?

Rh incompatibility happens when a mother's blood type is Rh-negative and her child's blood type is Rh-positive. A-B-O When the mother is type O and the child is a B, A, or AB, there is incompatibility. The kid is type B or AB, and the mother is type A. The infant is an A or AB type, and the mother is a type B.


Your ability to have and sustain a happy, healthy marriage is unaffected by your blood type. If you intend to have biological children with your spouse, there are some worries with blood type compatibility, but there are pregnancy choices that can help to minimize these risks.

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