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Different Cultural Marriages in India


India is a country known for its diversity, where people from different cultures, traditions, and customs live together. One of the interesting things about this diversity is the way marriages are celebrated across the country. Indian weddings are famous for their unique and colorful celebrations, which vary greatly from region to region. From the vibrant colors of a Punjabi wedding to the intricate rituals of a South Indian marriage, each wedding has its own special traditions that make it a memorable and unique event. In this Nithra Matrimony blog, we will take you on a journey through the different cultural marriages in India, celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of each wedding.

North Indian Weddings

Punjabi Weddings

Punjabi weddings are famous for their lavishness and liveliness. The celebrations start with a colorful sangeet ceremony that includes music and dance. The rituals involve exchanging garlands, performing the sacred Anand Karaj ceremony, and bidding farewell in the cheerful Bidaai ceremony. The celebrations are further brightened up by the energetic performances of traditional Bhangra and Gidda dances.

Rajasthani Weddings

Weddings in Rajasthan are a majestic and extravagant celebration that mirrors the state's affluent history. They are characterized by Rajput traditions, intricate henna designs, and luxurious clothing. The processions, known as baraat, are grand and display the majestic beauty of Rajasthani culture.

South Indian Weddings

Tamil Weddings

Tamil weddings are renowned for their cultural and spiritual significance. The ceremonies include several customs such as exchanging garlands, tying the sacred thaali (mangalsutra), and taking seven steps around a holy fire. These weddings are distinguished by the presence of elaborate kolam designs, beautiful silk sarees, and traditional jewelry. It is one of the famous wedding traditions in India.

Telugu Weddings

Telugu weddings are known for their beautiful simplicity. One of the most special rituals is called 'Jeelakarra Bellam', where the bride and groom mix cumin and jaggery and exchange it, symbolizing a sweet and long-lasting union. Another important part of the wedding is the 'Kanyadaan' ceremony, where the bride's father gives her hand to the groom and blesses them. Lastly, the 'Talambralu' ceremony involves the couple showering each other with rice, symbolizing their commitment to support and care for each other.

Malayali Weddings

Weddings in Kerala, a state located in India, are famous for their elegance and peacefulness. The ceremony includes an engagement ceremony called 'Nischayam' and a ritual called 'Madhuram Veettil' where the couple seeks the blessings of their family deity. The bride's attire includes traditional 'Kanjivaram' sarees and gold jewelry. Similarly, in Bengali weddings, the attire is unique and has its own significance.

East Indian Weddings

Bengali Weddings

Bengali weddings are known for their cultural and artistic richness. The bride usually wears a beautiful red saree made of Banarasi silk and takes seven rounds around a holy fire with the groom in a sacred ritual called 'Saat Pheras'. The wedding ceremony also includes traditional ceremonies like 'Sindoor Daan' and 'Mukut'. And to top it off, the wedding feast, or 'Bhaat', is a delicious culinary experience that you wouldn't want to miss.

Assamese Weddings

Assamese weddings are a beautiful mix of simplicity and cultural significance. During the wedding, there are certain ceremonies like 'Biya Naam' where they offer prayers to their ancestors, and 'Sapon' where they accept the marriage. The traditional Assamese attire like Mekhela Chador adds grace to the occasion.

West Indian Weddings

Gujarati Weddings

Gujarati weddings are known for their colorful and vibrant celebrations. The 'Mangal Fera' and 'Saat Pheras' are central to the ceremony. The playful 'Haldi' ceremony and the elaborate 'Garba' dance add a joyful touch to the festivities. Intricate embroidery and mirror work on the bride's attire are a visual treat.

Maharashtrian Weddings

Maharashtrian weddings are marked by simplicity and cultural authenticity. The bride wears a traditional green and red saree, and the ceremony includes rituals like 'Antarpat' and 'Saptapadi.' The 'Sakhar Puda' ceremony, where the groom's family presents the bride with sugar, symbolizes the sweetness of the union.

Multicultural Weddings

Muslim Weddings

Muslim weddings, also known as 'Nikaah,' are heartwarming and meaningful ceremonies that emphasize simplicity and spirituality. The couple exchange vows and sign the 'Nikaahnama' document, which marks the beginning of their life together. After the ceremony, family and friends come together to celebrate the union at the 'Walima' reception. It's a joyous occasion filled with love, food, and laughter.

Christian Weddings

Weddings in India that follow the Christian faith are a beautiful mix of religious and cultural heritage. The ceremony involves the couple making promises to each other, lighting a special candle together, and receiving blessings from a religious leader. The wedding attire is also a special part of the celebration, with the bride wearing a flowing white gown that adds an extra touch of grace and elegance to the occasion.


Weddings in India are like colorful threads that weave together a rich and diverse story of love, tradition, and unity. People from different cultures in India celebrate their marriages in unique ways, yet all of them share the same spirit of togetherness. From the lively and joyous North Indian weddings to the calm and spiritual South Indian ceremonies, Indian weddings are a beautiful blend of old and new customs. Couples who get married in India carry forward the legacy of centuries-old traditions, creating a harmonious blend of the past and present. The cultural diversity of Indian weddings is a testament to the country's unity in diversity.


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