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Colors for the wedding ceremony


Wedding decor colors are one of the most important choices a couple makes when planning their wedding decor theme. Since the stage will be the focus of your lasting memories during the event, it is important to choose wedding stage decoration colors that complement your taste and style and exude beauty. With the aim of giving you an understanding of what your wedding should look like, in this article we present you a gallery of wedding color decoration ideas. We offer you fresh and trendy colors that will highlight your wedding ceremony.

The Classic Blue

An attention-grabbing color with a calm and cool vibe, blue creates a soothing effect when paired with white. Classic Blue, is a timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity. Blue is a popular choice for weddings and is a popular choice for beach wedding colors. You can use shades of blue as accents in bouquets, centerpieces, table decorations, and bridal accessories. From decorative elements like tassels, ribbons, and flowers to props, furniture, stages, and backdrops, this classic shade of blue will be a part of every Indian wedding this New Year! Alternatively, brides can use this color combination to create a more sophisticated feel by using darker tones like burgundy or navy blue for their wedding theme color palette. Use blue sparingly with another bold color and you've got yourself a colorful wedding event.

A Purple Dream

A vibrant and charming choice for wedding decor, this color adds a 'fairytale' element to any occasion. This color is a romantic theme for brides who prefer outdoor weddings such as casual beach or garden weddings. Whether you choose to design your table centerpieces in purple or turn your entire hall decor into a paradise of purple flowers, this color creates magical decorations with all other colors.

Grassy Green

A color that symbolizes new beginnings, prosperity, and harmony. Grass green is a beautiful color, perfect for spring wedding colors. It looks great with cream or white dresses and silver accessories like earrings and necklaces. Grassy green complements any shade of blue or green without overwhelming the wedding theme. Again, couples can pair this shade with other shades like mint green or navy blue if they want to add variety to their color scheme. Such wedding color ideas will make you feel like royalty. So, if you want to add a touch of nature to your wedding, go ahead and choose green!

Attractive Yellow

Bright, sunny, and warm are the best words to describe yellow. This bold hue adds a much-needed pop of color to any wedding ceremony, especially your haldi or mehndi. Whether it's elements like bright yellow sunflowers or marigolds on a floral canopy or yellow table centerpieces & mehndi seating arrangements, this color can easily be incorporated into your wedding decor.

Pink for Light

A color that will truly transform your wedding into something out of the movies, pink is a color loved by all wedding decorators. Although we have seen many quirky colors at weddings, pink is surprisingly the most important. Perfect for both subtle elegance and rustic decor, white has its own captivating charm. Hot pink accentuates peach tones, creating a spectacular look. These colors are some summer wedding color combinations for a summer wedding. For a warm and peachy pink color scheme, you can combine soft pastel pinks. This combo gives a very romantic feel to your wedding reception decor. Brides can use pink or cream as an accent color for both their bridesmaids' dresses and bouquets. So brides, if you want to add a fantasy vibe to your wedding, white is the perfect color for your dress.


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