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Chettinad Food Menu List For Marriage


Chettinad Food Menu List For Marriage


Food is an important part of the wedding, especially in South indian marriages. In this blog, we have listed the most famous and delicious south Indian wedding food menu list, which could make your special day even more special!

Sambar and rice

🍱 Sambar and rice are the common and famous south Indian food, which makes the event more traditional and authentic. Dhal contains many medicinal benefits which provide taste as well as healthy life.

🍱 Raw mangos and vegetables are included to give the aroma and add extra taste to the dish!

Vellai paniyaram

🍱 Vellai paniyaram is the most famous Chettinad dish. It was prepared by using urad dhal, sugar, and milk. It contains natural antioxidants. It was a tasty dish with health benefits.


🍱 Aviyal is a side dish for dosa, rice, idli, and chapati. It is prepared by adding all the vegetables like carrots, drumsticks, potatoes, coconut milk, etc, and cooking using coconut oil.

🍱 Coconut milk is anti-inflammatory and helpful for healthy skin, hair, and cardiovascular system. Enjoy the delicious Karaikudi Chettinad marriage food on your special day.

Vegetable perattal

🍱 Vegetable perattal is cooked by using vegetables, coconuts, cinnamon, etc, it is as like poriyal. You can serve them with white rice, which was the perfect combination to enjoy the meal!

Kavuni arisi payasam

🍱 Kavuni arisi payasam is the special payasam that was more popular in Chettinad. It is served in all special occasions and marriages in Chettinad. Kavuni rice contains natural nutrients, which is good for blood circulation and the eyes.


The above mentioned dishes are some of the sample Chettinad recipes, there are numerous dishes other than this that were used in Chettinad weddings. As a delicious food start searching the best tamil matrimonial profiles on Nithra Matrimony.

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