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Challenges Of Intercaste Marriage


Challenges of Intercaste Marriage


Intercaste marriage, which is a marriage between individuals belonging to different castes, is a topic that has been widely debated in India for many years. Although there have been positive changes in recent years, intercaste marriages still face many challenges. In this article, we will discuss some of the significant challenges that couples may face when they choose to enter into an intercaste marriage.

Challenges faced on Inter-caste marriages

Social Stigma and Discrimination

One of the most significant challenges faced by intercaste couples is social stigma and discrimination. The Indian society is still deeply divided on the basis of caste, and intercaste marriages are often frowned upon. The couple may face criticism, ridicule, and social ostracism, especially from their families and close relatives.

Family Pressure and Opposition

It plays a significant role in arranging marriages. Intercaste marriages may not be accepted by families, and they may pressure their children to marry within their caste. Parents may even resort to emotional blackmail, threats, or physical violence to prevent their children from marrying outside their caste.

Legal Issues

Although the Indian constitution guarantees equal rights and opportunities to all citizens, intercaste marriages may face legal challenges. There may be instances of harassment or discrimination by the authorities while registering marriages, especially if one of the partners belongs to a lower caste.

Cultural Differences

Intercaste marriages also face the challenge of cultural differences. Individuals belonging to different castes may have different cultural backgrounds, traditions, and customs. These differences may lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and even divorce in some cases.

Financial and Economic Issues

Intercaste marriages may also face financial and economic challenges. In some cases, families may withhold financial support, property rights, or inheritance from the couple if they choose to marry outside their caste. This may lead to financial strain and economic hardships for the couple.

It is common to see that when people have problems, no one comes to their support. Couples must solve their problems on their own, which may result in frustration, unhappiness, and a great deal of mental strain and tension.

Parenting Challenges

Intercaste marriages may also face parenting challenges. The couple may have different opinions on parenting styles, religion, and cultural practices. These differences may create conflicts and affect the upbringing of their children.

If the marriage is not accepted by the family, adjusting with in-laws is extremely difficult. In the future, it will be more complex for the couple to find a suitable match for their children in the case of inter-racial and inter-caste marriage. The children's future is also bleak because they may be denied the love and affection of their grandparents.


Intercaste marriages face many challenges, and couples need to be aware of these challenges before entering into such marriages. Nowadays, the tradition has been changed and many parents accept the free choice marriages which means inter caste marriages. You can find your lovable partner through Nithra Matrimony and lead a successful marriage life.

problems based on intercaste marriage

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