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Buffet Ideas For Marriage Reception


In India, marriage is a grand celebration that brings families and friends together. One of the key elements of a marriage celebration is the food that is served. Indian marriages are known for their diverse and delicious cuisine, with a variety of dishes from different regions of the country. Buffet-style food is a popular choice for marriage receptions, as it allows guests to sample a range of dishes and offers a more informal and relaxed dining experience. In this blog, we will explore some buffet ideas for an Indian marriage reception.

Buffet Ideas

Chaat Station

Chaat is a popular street food in India that is loved by many. Setting up a chaat station at the reception would be a great idea. The station can include a variety of chaat options such as bhel puri, pani puri, and dahi bhalla.

🍛 Pani Puri

This popular Indian street food can be a great addition to your Chaat Station buffet. You can serve the puris, the filling and the spicy water separately so your guests can make their own Pani Puris.

🍛 Bhel Puri

Another popular street food that can be served at the Chaat Station buffet is Bhel Puri. It is a mixture of puffed rice, vegetables, chutneys and spices.

Tandoori Station

Tandoori chicken and other tandoori dishes are always a crowd-pleaser. A tandoori station can include tandoori chicken, fish, and paneer. It can also include naan and roti for guests to enjoy with their tandoori dishes.

🍖 Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is another popular dish that can be made by marinating boneless chicken pieces in yogurt and spices, then grilling them until they're tender and juicy.

🍖 Tandoori Fish

If you want to offer seafood, tandoori fish is a great option. It's made by marinating fish in yogurt and spices, then grilling it in a tandoor oven.

Biryani Station

Biryani is a classic Indian dish that must-have at any Indian marriage reception. A biryani station can include different types of biryanis such as chicken biryani, mutton biryani, and vegetable biryani. It can also include raita and salan to complement the biryani.

Dosa Station

Dosas are a South Indian delicacy that is loved by many. A dosa station can include a variety of dosas such as masala dosa, onion dosa, and plain dosa. It can also include chutneys and sambar to accompany the dosas.

Dessert Station

A dessert station is a great way to end the meal on a sweet note. It can include a variety of Indian desserts such as rasgulla, gulab jamun, and jalebi. It can also include ice cream for guests who prefer a western dessert.


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