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Best Wedding Poses For Bride And Groom


Best wedding poses for bride and groom


Start with a brief introduction about the importance of wedding photography and how the right poses can beautifully capture the essence of the couple's love story. In Nithra matrimony we have listed some of the favourite steps to take to better prepare for a wedding pose for photoshoot.

Some Tips for wedding Posing:

Putting On Earrings:

This pose is a really cool action shot that shows off the bride and groom's main accessories, like earrings, engagement ring, jewellery from their family, and intricate bracelets.

Buttoning up the suit for the groom:

This iconic buttoning-up pose is seen on green carpets and wedding aisles, and for good reason. It shows off your watch and cufflinks in the most subtle way possible.

Getting lost in the eyes of the beholder:

Whether it’s a guided session with your photographer or an in-person session, the moment your eyes meet with your partner is sure to captivate you. No matter if you’re stationary or moving, the moment is guaranteed to be one for the ages.

Hand in Hand Stroll:

Discuss the charm of a simple walk hand in hand, highlighting the connection between the couple.


Highlight the intimacy of this pose where the couple touches their noses together, capturing a playful and loving moment.

Dancing in Each Other's Arms:

Explain how capturing a shot of the couple dancing together can immortalize the joy of the day.

The Veil Shot:

Show how the veil can be used creatively in photographs, such as the bride and groom beneath the veil or the wind catching the veil.

Candid Laughter:

Emphasize the beauty of capturing genuine moments of laughter and happiness.

Gazing into the Sunset:

Describe the stunning visuals when the couple gazes into the sunset, symbolizing their journey ahead.

The Family and Friends Shot:

Explain the importance of including family and friends in some shots to capture the entire wedding atmosphere.

The Candid Reception Moments:

Emphasize the significance of capturing candid moments during the reception, such as toasts, dancing, and mingling.

Dancing Duo:

Encourage the couple to share a dance, even before the reception begins, to capture their joy and celebration in a lively, dynamic pose.


Summarize the importance of capturing these special moments and how they can create lasting memories of a couple's big day. This blog encourages readers to hire a professional photographer who can expertly execute these poses. Capture your memorable weeding photoshoot with the above given ideas. To find your love by registering your profile through the Nithra matrimony website.

Best wedding poses for bride and groom

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