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Best Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends


Everyone would agree that marriage is one of the most important rites of life. People often send personal and memorable wedding invitations to their close friends for important events because they enjoy seeing them there. If you are looking for the best wedding invitation quotes, this post is for you. The recipient of the wedding invitation expresses their desire to be a part of your special day. Thinking of sending yourself a wedding invitation? These wedding invitation styles range from formal to playful and trendy. Of course, some classic and short wedding invitation quotes are always a good choice.
Today, adding highlights to Tamil wedding cards with quotes is commonplace, so pick your favorite phrases to make your wedding invitation special with Nithra Matrimony.

Heartfelt Wedding Phrases for Friends

▪ Dear friends! I can never forget you on my wedding day. I sincerely hope you will be there on my special day.
▪ We always hold a particular place in our hearts for our friends. Without them, our wedding ceremony would be incomplete.
▪ Among many events in my life, marriage is the most important one. My dear friend, I want to welcome you to my and my partner's special day.
▪ You have always been a part of our family, dear friends. So, you must attend the wedding ceremony with us.

Traditional Wedding Invitations Quotes for Friends

▪ When I marry my love, I want my friends to be by my side on the most important day of my life.
▪ The happiness of this marriage is incomplete without your presence in it. You have contributed to our lives with your friendship. Let's share happiness.
▪ I have good news to share. We are starting a new chapter in our lives. So, my dear friend, we humbly request you to bless us with your visit.
▪ Dear friend, I look forward to seeing you on my wedding day when I tie the knot.

Funny Wedding Invitation Quotes

▪ We look forward to opening your gift and, of course, seeing you at our wedding
▪ Do you remember the promise you made to give me a wonderful gift for my wedding? Well, I still remember!
▪ We invite you to our wedding, I hope you will come! Please consider your gift thoroughly, because if we don't like it, we'll have to return it to you for your big day.
▪ This moment is the most important moment of our life and we invited 30 special people to be here on our big day. You are the 31st person.
▪ Come dance the night away at our wedding, just like you always do!


Friends occupy a very important place in our lives. From our school days, youth, hardships, sorrows, and yes making fun of us, friends are the primary ones. So invite them to your big day by adding these lines to your wedding invitation. Beautify not only your wedding invitation but also your life with Nithra Matrimony. Enter your details and hold the hand of your love life.

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