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Best Tips for Grooms to Shine in their Wedding


For many grooms, their wedding day is just as important as the bride's, yet the spotlight often seems to shine a bit brighter at the end. However, it's equally crucial for grooms to look and feel their best. After all, it's a day that will be remembered for a lifetime. In this blog post, Nithra Matrimony offers top tips for grooms eager to make an outstanding impression on their big day, ensuring they look polished, feel confident, and truly shine beside their partner.

Wedding tips for grooms

1. Tailor Your Look

Wedding attires must be customized beyond being any other suit on the shelf of suits or tuxedos. Spend on fitting clothes that are perfect for you to highlight what is good about you. Ensure it fits you well so you can wear it comfortably all day long during ceremonies.

2. Personal Grooming

Create some routines like cutting hair regularly at least some months before on your big day. This includes getting regular haircuts, facials for a fresh-faced glow, and even manicures-yes, manicures. Remember, your hands will be in the spotlight too, particularly when exchanging rings and during close-up photographs.

3. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can make youryour dressing for the great day's celebration. You may go for a hybrid watch, some cufflinks and a tie or a bowtie which matches with your clothing. Don't forget about shoes; they should be shiny, comfortable and in sync with what you are wearing. If you are setting out with theme for the wedding, let the accessories speak subtly to this effect.

4. Stay True to Your Style

While it's important to look polished, it's just as vital to feel comfortable and authentic. Choose an outfit and accessories that reflect your personal style. Consider having an informal suit if tuxedos are rare features in your life yet it looks unique on you.

5. Mind Your Posture

Good posture is crucial as it exudes confidence and enables you to carry off your attire with grace. Stand tall, keep your shoulders back and walk with a high held head while walking. Not only will this improve your appearance, but it will also boost your confidence.

6. Healthy Habits

Ensure you maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly in the months leading up to your wedding. Looking good comes from feeling good and these habits guarantee that you are at your best physically and mentally on your wedding day.

7. Practice Your Smile

You'll be smiling for most of the time during the wedding day so practicing it before a mirror can be more helpful than what you may think. A natural, confident smile makes one photogenic as well as approachable thus enhancing their overall look.

8. The Right Fragrance

Choose a perfume that matches season and venue of your wedding. Not too strong but memorable! With an appropriate fragrance, people can remember forever and cherish the memories of your special day.


Your wedding day is a unique opportunity to stand out and shine. By tailoring your look, focusing on personal grooming, and embracing healthy habits, you can ensure that you look and feel your best. Remember, the goal is not just to look good but to feel confident and comfortable, allowing you to fully enjoy one of the most memorable days of your life. Shine on, grooms!

best tips for grooms to shine in their wedding

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