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Best 5 Flowers for Tamil Wedding Decorations


For centuries, flowers have had their own language. Flowers were once used to express emotions when words and gestures failed. Many couples today continue this romantic tradition, creating centerpieces with bouquets and flowers with special meanings.

Wedding floral decorations are a traditional and necessary part of every social and religious ceremony in Tamil Nadu. Flowers of fragrant flowers and leaves are commonly used to adorn Hindu gods and goddesses. To brighten up your wedding ceremony, you need beautiful flowers as a focal point on the wedding decoration stage! Here are some of the best wedding flowers to make your ceremony unique.

Decorating Flowers for the wedding reception


In South India, jasmine is affectionately known as 'Mallipoo'. These small, fragrant flowers are considered lucky, and wearing them represents future success and prosperity. Because they are cheap and easy to find, brides often wear them in their hair for the ceremony. Around Rs.200 and above per kg of jasmine during the season. Since these feminine flowers represent purity and happiness, they are an essential part of any ceremony or wedding.


Roses are generally seen as timeless romantic gifts. They make special occasions memorable with their presence and scent. Everyone's favorite wedding flower, the rose, has different meanings depending on its color. A red rose represents passion, a white rose represents purity, and a pink rose represents happiness and admiration. White represents beauty, blue represents reliability. Throughout history, roses have enriched and enriched our lives. They are the most popular and attractive choice for wedding stage flower decoration photos and are present in all our major ceremonies and celebrations.


Want a lively and colorful addition to your wedding decorations? Gerbera flowers are just what you are looking for. These flowers are available in various colors and are perfect for a more relaxed ceremony. They will give your setting a rustic feel. More importantly, gerberas usually represent innocence, purity, happiness, and loyal love.


Tubers are popular for special occasions like weddings, engagements, and receptions. These can also be used to make garlands in honor of gods and goddesses. It is widely used for rituals and worship in homes and temples. Both the scent and fragrance of the tuberose flower are enticing. White tuberose is often used in wedding bouquets because it represents purity, peace, and innocence.


Both orange and yellow marigolds are highly valued in wedding ceremonies because they represent the sun, bringing brightness and positivity into the lives of newlyweds. White marigold flowers are used in rituals and decorations. Marigolds represent a person's inner strength, power, and light. Marigold is also associated with passionate love.


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