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6 Summer wedding themes for tamil weddings!


🎊 A wedding is a beautiful moment in everyone's life. Everyone has a dream to celebrate their wedding. It's summer, a holiday month, and this summer season people can reconnect through marriage. If you are looking for a bride or groom, start registration with free registration on Nithra matrimony, completely free for brides till their marriage. Start registering and find the 6 summer wedding themes for tamil weddings on this blog!

Floral theme

🎊 The floral wedding theme is nothing but, decorating your wedding place full of flowers. You can choose the flowers according to your wedding clothes, location, and more. When you are making the place with the beautiful flower it provides a pleasant feel for the couples as well as the guest.

🎊 Do not choose flowers with a strong smell, decorate your place with pleasant flowers, it will make you refreshed too. The floral theme shall also make your wedding picture more colorful!

Beach wedding theme

🎊 A summer beach wedding theme is appropriate when you are organizing them at night for the reception. You can have your wedding early in the morning or at night for the reception as the breeze and beautiful scenery make for great moments. Do not prefer beach theme in mid-morning or afternoon during summer.

🎊 You can decorate the place with chairs, beautiful flowers, balloons, and colorful clothes. You can take great photos there. Makes your guests a new experience and good vibes. When you are planning for a beach wedding, sometimes you may have to take permission from the higher officials.

Tents and tipis marriage theme

🎊 Tents and tipi marriage theme is one of the unique wedding themes, It is a simple and elegant way of celebrating your day. If you are willing to enjoy your wedding day with your close relatives and friends you can prefer a tent wedding theme, you can have this type of theme both the night and daytime in summer. It is best when you arrange them on a wide area with natural grass or false grass on the ground.

Garden Wedding theme

🎊 There are many wedding places and rental places, and wedding decor everywhere. You can even prefer a garden wedding in summer. This can be decorated in your home when you have a wide space for the garden or else in the rental open space. It makes the occasion more special and natural. You can have a buffet method so that you can enjoy your food in a beautiful place with a natural effect.

Boat wedding theme

🎊 The boat wedding theme is more suitable for couples, who are more unique and wish to have their special day in a different way. This was a rare method of celebrating the marriage. Even though you can choose this type of wedding for marriage, pre-wedding and post-wedding celebrations as well. During summer spending a special occasion on a boat or ship is the most lovable moment ever!

Fairy tale wedding theme

🎊 The fairy tale theme is applicable to all marriages. It is the individual's choice of celebrating their wedding. Couples may have some other wedding theme ideas since their childhood this is known as a fairy tale wedding. It may even be a new type of wedding theme which includes traditionalism, modern theme, and so on.


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