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5 Trendy Wedding Themes


We picture our special day with the finest clothing designers, hair and makeup experts, and caterers. A theme for your wedding will make your wedding day more memorable for both you and your guests. Trends in weddings right now range from forest to white. Therefore, if you are organizing one, here are some fascinating suggestions to make your wedding unforgettable!

Trendy Wedding Themes

Vintage Wedding

A wedding with a vintage theme creates a lot of passion and nostalgia. You can choose between the romantic Victorian design and the elegant and traditional early Hollywood style. You can use calligraphy for the typeface and botanical illustrations to design the invitation card. The bride can show off her lace white gown with a long back while the groom rocks a sharp suit. Pick a historic location, then travel there in a vintage car. Use antique furniture and place a vintage frame in the doorway for the bride to enter. Decide on silverware for the cutlery and adorn the space with lights and flowers.

Garden Wedding

Choose a garden wedding theme if you enjoy the outdoors. You can either utilize your garden or rent one. There will be a lot of greenery, flowers, and candles sprinkled across the area to provide a natural, appealing background. The entryway should include an arch composed of lovely green bushes and flowers. You can position your dining area so that it is surrounded by trees and illuminated by lights. White flowers can be used to decorate a cake. Plant seedlings can be given to your visitors as a thank-you present.

Royal Wedding

If you've ever fantasized about having a lavish wedding, this theme is ideal for you. In India, where luxurious palaces are frequently used as wedding venues, this theme is very well-liked. Rich silk textiles, a lot of flowers, and golden lamps should all be used to decorate the room. While the husband is dressed in a respectable sherwani and turban, the bride can walk in her stunning lehenga. Select lavish furniture and gold cutlery. You can dance and play more music. The bride can be carried in a palanquin while the groom can ride a horse.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is a right choice if you want a small, private ceremony. You are allowed to choose a location and invite just your closest buddies. Create flower arches and sea-themed decorations for the area you have chosen. You can choose an aqua theme or a blue-and-white color scheme. Select similar pieces of furniture and tableware. The groom can wear button-down shirts and jeans, while the bride can accessorize with a flowing tank top, a flowery headpiece, and a bouquet. A unique welcome gift is a set of sponges with the names of the bride and groom inscribed on them. Freshly cut fruit and tropical liquids can also be added to the menu.

Romantic Wedding

The most popular wedding decorations for a romantic wedding theme include details like candles and crystal chandeliers, skylights, beautiful floral arrangements, sweeping handprints, twinkling lights, and greenery. Although a romantic wedding theme is typically somewhat formal, it is simple to adapt it to a modern wedding theme or a rustic wedding by adding a few elements. For instance, you can use elegant acrylic signage or wooden embellishments to give the decor a contemporary, minimalist twist. Create a forest-themed wedding.


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