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5 Tips To Create An Unforgettable Wedding Atmosphere


5 Tips to Create an Unforgettable Wedding Atmosphere


When you want to organize your wedding celebration with a little bit of flamboyance and fanciness, going through the same old ways would look a bit too boring. The traditional methods of Indian wedding planning have taken a backseat, and today's couples are searching for new themes to include in their wedding preparations, whether it be the catering service, the venue decoration, or their own wedding outfit.

A Magical Entrance

The idea of the bridal entry was not previously given much weight. Just the bride was carried from her room to the mandap for the wedding. But the style has changed in recent years. Today's guests are anxiously awaiting the bride's entrance to the ceremony.

Here are some of the ideas
A bouquet shower

Make an entrance with flower showers. Allow your sisters and friends to welcome you with a palm full of flowers. If you have been preparing for this for a while, they may even match their dress colors.

Dancing entry

Making your entrance over music is another fantastic entry concept. This would provide a sensation of reality similar to what you get in movies while somehow entertaining your visitors as well. Let your family's youngster be the messenger of your arrival. Although this is an old notion, it nevertheless gives your guests a performance that is full of energy.

Photo booth

The newest trend at all the parties is photo booths. Moreover, having a fantastic picture booth or frame hanging in the venue garden would be stylish. A lot of weddings include some strange items as well as entertaining photographic opportunities.

Establish a DJ Request Box

You cannot imagine a celebration without music; it is the most important factor in any event, including weddings and parties. Put a box on the table where the DJ is playing, add a creative caption, and write "DJ request box" to do this in an inventive way. Others will surely arrive and start playing their favorite tunes. The ability to listen to the songs that our visitors choose will be fantastic.

Organize a wedding sporting event

Don't be scared to attempt new things if you want to do something unusual for your wedding. Enjoy a sporting event to make your wedding stand out and be special. The best option on this list is cricket. Play it with your friends and family and enjoy it to the fullest. Keep in mind that today won't come around again, so make the most of it.

Crazy Catering Concepts

Without food, nothing could be done. So meals play a major role in India's traditional wedding ceremonies. Meals are an entire section that demands considerable creativity from both sides, from the main course to the desserts and from the starters to the drinks.


Marriage is one of the most important things in one's life. So now a days many of the brides and grooms are thinking to do it in different way which should be an wonderful moment for both the couples and for the guests. Take your own time to discussing about the new ideas from the above given tips.

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