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5 things to know before saying yes to marriage


💑You can never truly understand what marriage is like unless you go through it. Every marriage, including your parents' and siblings', is unique. Your marriage depends entirely on you and your partner. You may greatly reduce the risk of problems and arguments in your marriage by getting lots of advice from friends as well as the internet. However, you can never be sure about a person's character. We can discuss the things to know before saying yes to marriage.

Things to know before saying yes to marriage

🤔Before agreeing to a wedding ceremony, the most essential decision to make sure before agreeing to the marriage is that you both are comfortable on all levels, including financially and mentally.
🤔Check their background, If they have any behaviors that can harm your marriage in the future, you should look into them.
🤔Simply knowing their name and preferences in this situation is insufficient for you to accept their proposal of marriage. To get to know them better, decide to meet with them a few more times.
🤔Learn how your partner interacts with each person. Their behavior toward you and other people will be a reflection of their true nature, just as their behavior toward people of the opposite gender will be.
🤔Find out why they want to get married. Never be afraid to ask about the reasons behind their decision to wed. Additionally, the explanation must be reasonable and not confusing.

Things to know after marriage

1. The first thing to understand is that marriage is not only for safety and security purposes.
2. It is a lovely bond throughout our entire lives.
3. Keep in mind that you both should be together even during hard times.
4. After marriage, you can't avoid problems; you will definitely have to deal with them.

Important issues to discuss before getting married

🍀Finances and money
🍀Personal histories
🍀Parenting styles
🍀Future housing plans


💕Marriage is a part of your life, you have to make your decision. It alters the attitudes of two people toward one another. Choosing your soulmate and begin to live together for the rest of your lives.

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