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5 Tamil Hindu Festivals for Newly Married


F Tamil culture has many different traditions. They include weddings, religious ceremonies, naming ceremonies, festivals, and acts of worship. Separate rituals are performed for newly born children, young women, marriage, and festival-specific occasions. The Tamil people's way of life is full of unique religious rituals from the day of birth to the day of death. In Hindu festivals for married couples such as Thalai Diwali, Thalai Aadi, and Thalai Pongal, Parents spare their dignity by presenting a dowry of their own choice.

Thalai Pongal

Thalai Pongal is as special as Thalai Diwali for a newly wedded bride. The brothers and sisters will go to the home where the girl is wedded and perform the ritual while carrying their Pongal bands. For the parents, brothers, and family members of the bride who bring the seer, the groom's family arranges a feast. Not only the rice and jaggery, from pots to spoons items were brought by parents as a Pongal seer.

Tamil New Year

The Tamil New Year, also known as Tamil Puthandu, marks the first day of the Chitrai month and the beginning of the Tamil calendar. It is an auspicious occasion to celebrate the start of a new year and new possibilities. Special worship and festival details are held in temples across Tamil Nadu. People believe it is an auspicious way to start the New Year by participating in those rituals. Devotees are given special food in the temple. Newly wedded couples celebrate the New Year with new promises.

Thalai Aadi

Newlyweds will separate in the month of Aadi. Marriages and auspicious events are not held this month and newlyweds should not join. If a couple unites in the month of Aadi, a fetus will be formed. It is known that if you conceive in Aadi, a child will be born in Chitra. In the month of Chitrai, the effect of the Kathiri veyil is high, so the health of the child born and the mother in labor will be bad. That is why they throw a party for the newly married couple and take the girl to her mother's house.

In the month of Aadi, abhishekam is done in temples to honor the goddess because this time Lord Shiva separates and reunites with Parvati. So the month of Aadi is considered to be the auspicious month for Goddess. On the occasion of the Thalai Aadi festival, they gave a wedding feast, gave brand new clothes, and sent lots of pots and colorful ornaments. It is not to prevent them from getting together, but to teach them the art of living together forever.

Thalai Diwali

The first Diwali after marriage is "Thalai Diwali" which means Diwali is special. The newlyweds are showered with gifts and felicitated by family members. The newlyweds are invited to the first Diwali and are traditionally given a portion of the dowry called 'seer'. A 'Thalai Karthikai' is also gifted to girls in the first year of marriage. Celebrations include going to the temple, gifts of clothes and jewelry, sweets, and seeking the blessings of the elders. The groom's parents, brothers, and sisters come to join in the celebrations.

The day starts very early with the morning oil bath ritual. The music of Nadhaswaram and Mridangam floats in the fresh morning air. After bathing the bride and groom place their new clothes at the feet of the god and accept sweet. After taking blessings from the elders, they burst the first crackers of the day. The celebration of Thalai Diwali is a magnificent and traditional one in Tamil Nadu.

Karthikai Deepam

Karthikai Deepam is a part of the Diwali festival in Tamil Nadu. The event occurs on the day of the full moon in the Tamil month of Karthikai, which runs from late November to early December. A newlywed couple's plans include decorating their home, taking part in celebrations, exchanging presents with friends and family, lighting a lamp, and visiting Tiruvannamalai on the festival day to witness the blessing. Their spirituality is focused on the upcoming year.


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