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5 Reasons Why Gold is Important in Indian Marriage


Mostly all Indians like to wear bridal gold jewelry, it is considered a tradition, wealth, and pride, there are many reasons to use gold in weddings. In this blog, we can clearly discuss the benefits and reasons for using gold in marriage.


Gold is believed to be Goddess Lakshmi, and the bride to be married is also considered Goddess Lakshmi, Gold is considered wealth, heritage, positivity, and goddess, Mangalasutras may vary according to different communities but gold for wedding is mandatory in all our Indian cultures. Especially Tamil brides and south Indian people prefer gold Mangalyam and jewels.


Scientifically gold is a metal that generally regulates body temperature and maintains the body's immune system. Using gold in marriage signifies that the bride and groom will live a healthy life.

Financial support

Our Indian families prefer to invest their money in gold as it is the best way to store your future savings. The price may go down or up, but the value of gold will always remain high. Gold can help in case of a financial crisis, medical emergency, or other problems, hence gold Jewellery for Indian marriage is very important.


Wearing and giving gold for marriage symbolizes the family's heritage and wealth. From the middle class to the rich, they provide gold jewelry as they deserve.

Future benefits

This is a tradition followed for many years, when we give gold as a gift to our relatives/friends in marriage, they also have opportunities to gift us gold in our house ceremonies, during which we have opportunities to solve and fix our financial issues.


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